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March 20, 2009

A Rush to repeat history

For all of our mega bookstores, we Americans do not study or learn from history. Time after time we let ourselves be yanked about by hateful and ignorant demagogues.

Since so many of us in the home of the brave are driven by ignorance, hatred and blind fear instead of intelligence, magnanimity and courage, gutter snipes like Joseph McCarthy, Rush Limbaugh, and Father Charles Coughlin can jerk us about by the rings inserted in our nostrils.

Coughlin, an errant Roman Catholic priest, was the progenitor of the radio demagogues, spewing forth vitriol and hatred to his adoring millions in the 1920s to the 1940s in America.

In tough economic times — or not — unscrupulous media executives and advertisers can literally bank on “incendiary” and “ugly” pundits shoveling in profits — the wrong kind of prophets — while little regarding the legacy it sows in American soils.

We call mammon “capitalism” and put it on high. We get the blissful ignorance we deserve.

Michael Steele saw the truth and spoke it by calling Rush Limbaugh’s message “incendiary” and “ugly.” He then changed his tack and said the emperor was fully clothed.
When will we ever learn?

Roger Goldblatt
Kansas City



“In addition there has never been any sense of such individuals speaking for or representing the accepted ideals, goals and allegiances as there has been for Rush.”

People here have asked me if I would take the various political satire shows found on Comedy Central more seriously if they were located on a different cable channel. My response has always been no, and I wouldn’t take Rush seriously any where you moved him.

This very thread proves my point:

“Beck is preparing his listeners for his expected "Doomsday" and he's the inspiration behind the new "Stephen Colbert's Doom Bunker".” - whispering_to_kc

Just another example of personal preference of entertainment venues turning into another form of representing the accepted ideals, goals and allegiances of a political belief system.

Personally I don't know why engineer quotes Rush. If the facts work they'd work on their own merit not because Rush said so. But apparently many people get in a tizzy over what that actor says.


There has never been a post I've made that lauds any comical commentary as an authority figure. In addition there has never been any sense of such individuals speaking for or representing the accepted ideals, goals and allegiances as there has been for Rush. As someone who has supported conservative political goals for decades it bugs me that conservatism has been linked to this hideous bias and contempt exhibited by this guy, to a point where politicians feel answerable to him.

I don't think his brand of crap is entertaining, just as I don't consider Comedy Central a political source of unbiased information.


“Feel free to listen to that junk, but it affects your credibility when you try and make a point by holding him up as an irrefutable authority like you do in this thread.” - solomon

We get it, your personal tastes for entertainment venues do not include Rush. However, your inability to rationally respond to why Rush is factually incorrect is getting old.

I’m greatly entertained by your delusional authority to issue a status report on another person’s credibility. Could you issue another pontification on those who would hold Stephen Colbert as an irrefutable authority?



I defend your right to listen to his garbage, I just wonder why anyone would.

You say no one refutes his facts? Does that mean you believe him when he calls the Obama's racists and hatemongers? Does that mean you believe him when he accuses Obama/Biden of disliking and holding special needs and handicapped individuals up as laughable and worse? Seems like there is no factual content in talk like that, just divisive crap.

Feel free to listen to that junk, but it affects your credibility when you try and make a point by holding him up as an irrefutable authority like you do in this thread.


It may not have been noticed by some, but there are differences in organization and presentation between a news program and a program stating opinions and making comments.

Mark Robertson

May as well bash the Catholic Church while your at it. That is in vogue now as well, as it usually is. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

Someone may have said this, I haven't read all the responses, but it is obvious that Goldblatt got his info second hand. That doesn't matter anyway, he just sees this latest nothing story as a chance to bash Limbaugh. The truth doesn't matter.
We already know that government spending will not bring on a strong economy. Rush was just hoping that Obama would not get his nightmarish stimulus passed. In other words, he hoped he would fail to get it passed.
That stimulus monstrosity has virtually nothing to do with economic improvement anyway. It's about power and control. It ended the successful welfare reform, among other disasters. Can't have people be self reliant.
Now we can just hope he fails at destroying U.S. health care with socialized medicine. He wants to bring this about by taxing the "rich," which will greatly harm the economy, and thus middle income earners. What a catastrophe, and so many are falling for it.
But at least he understands foreign policy and the dangers in the world. Right. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


“Once again I ask how any sane person can consider this divisive crap entertainment?” - solomon

Fortunately for us the ugly parodies, ludicrous accusations and a completely mean spirited tones are only a half-hour long on Comedy Central. Still, I find CC’s political satire shows to be better written forms of, ahhhhh..... entertainment.


“I see a pattern here.” - whispering_to_kc

Of the five you mentioned, I think Stephen Colbert has the funnier show and is generally the better actor. That’s the pattern I see here.


“Mass stupidity is the only explanation.” - putkidsfirst

Mass stupidity would certainly explain why many entertainment venues on the left and right are being passed off as “real news”.


I noticed that in all the Rush bashing there was no refutation of facts. Plenty of ad hominem attacks, in fact such attacks made up the entire content of some posts. In seems Rush must be doing a great job of getting his points across. Of course one always has this alternative; if you don't want to listen to him, turn the dial. But it is none of your, the letter writer's, or the governments business if I want to listen to him. So take a deep breath and make a wish that the Democrat clowns stop providing him with so much material.


..."he was lambasting"....


Driving between Baton Rouge and New Orleans about 2 this morning I listened to a few segments of Limbaughs show. In the first he was lambasted in long drawn out syllables (a show of contempt in his voice) how Obama and Biden are mean spirited people who hate the disabled compared to Sarah Palin who addressed a group that supports the Special Olympics, speaking from the POV of a mother with a specials needs child. In the second segment, with the same contemptuous tone in his voice he called Obama an enemy of America. In the final he played a parody with a bad "impression" of a soul singer in a duet with a stereotyped gay lisping bad Barney Frank impersonator singing a lament about AIG. The song ended and he then said Obama is trying to destroy the banking system America needs to recover.

Less than an hour and his show had insults, ugly parodies, ludicrous accusations and a completely mean spirited tone.

Once again I ask how any sane person can consider this divisive crap entertainment?

Roger Lambert

Whispering to KC,

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...



Olberman has never been married but he has a live-in girlfriend. He has restless leg syndrome.

Matthews is married (once) with three kids. He has malaria (from trips to Africa) and diabetes. He's Roman Catholic.

Beck has four kids between two marriages. He's a college dropout. He was a Catholic but now he's a Mormon. He's a "reformed" drunk and drug abuser. Beck is preparing his listeners for his expected "Doomsday" and he's the inspiration behind the new "Stephen Colbert's Doom Bunker".

Rush has no kids after three failed marriages. He's a college dropout. The great, bloviating warhawk avoided the Vietnam draft because he had a sore on his arse. He's had run-ins with the law over drug abuse.

I see a pattern here.


whispering - Glenn used to be on CNN or CNBC but just moved.

But there is not talk here of Olbermann or Matthews, or the other liberal counterparts of Rush on the left. We are too assume, I guess, the whispering and the rest of the circle jerk boys approve of their BS.

Smarter Than You

How can you tell how unsuccessful the Obama/Dem cartel has been in Washington? They need to have a boogey man to distract people from their failures. After years of broadcasting are they just NOW figuring out who Rush Limbaugh is? (To be honest, I haven’t listened to his show since the late 80’s, so maybe he has changed).

Meanwhile, our Comedian-In-Chief gets to put on his big-boy pants and make an appearance without his teleprompter. Then he promptly insults Special Olympians. No wonder they want to keep him under control and on message. Yeah, Rush is the problem.

mike d

I listen to Rush occasionally, and although he embellishes sometimes, I guess I don't hear the same things everyone else does. Maybe you should listen and then decide? I guess if you question Obama's decisions you are a racist, even though some of his decisions are worthy of questioning. It's time to take off the kid gloves with Obama, and let him take it like every other President before him.

Roger Lambert

If our president's policies were actually working, then perhaps his supporters wouldn't have to spend so much time drumming up hatred for domestic scapegoats. Way to change the tone in Washington!


Rush is no hate monger kidsfirst, au contraire, his detractors though personify the term.

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