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March 05, 2009

Abortion isn’t always selfish

Anthony J. Tarantino Sr. (3/1, Letters) says abortion is selfish. I say the issue of abortion is not black and white.

Carrying an infant to term and giving birth is not without medical problems, especially for teens and pre-teens. You have your head in the sand if you think these tragic pregnancies don’t happen. We have sicko males among us who impregnate the females in their households. A recent Star article (1/24, A-1, “Father faces charges of incest and murder; Man allegedly had four children by a teenage daughter”) detailed one ugly story. No girl should be forced to have her own sibling.

By definition a parasite is a something that lives off something else. We don’t want to believe or even say the words, but in the case of a female and fetus, it is what it is.

And, men, I will listen attentively to your rant about abortion and pregnancy when it is your medical condition. Strong rhetoric about abortion by males suggests they may have a control-the-women issue.

Doris Duke
Overland Park

Choosing to have an abortion is hardly a selfish act. Most women choose to terminate a pregnancy out of concern about being able to properly care for and provide for a child. The rebuttal? “Women need to think about that before having sex.” The fact is that many women do think about that before having sex, but birth control methods fail.

And then, of course, there are women who are brutally raped. Is rape a selfish choice? Is it selfish for the raped woman to look at her child and be constantly reminded of the brutal rape? I think not.

What is selfish is to bring a child into this world fully knowing that you (the mother) are not capable of caring for that child.

Erin Cooper



Oh for God's sake.

Ms. Duke not only says children are parasites, but she makes her argument based on that men need to impregnate all the women in their own household.

Ms. Duke, I don't give a flying (*&* what you do with your own body. I have no control issues, you can smoke crack, you can do whatever you want, you can go jump off what's left of the Paseo Bridge for all I care.

But you know what, I don't like it when you kill babies. I just don't. Sorry. Things like murder and killing, whether it be for capital punishment, or killing a baby just because there's noone competent to care for it is wrong. take your feminist rhetoric somewhere else where it might make sense.


first of all i'd like to make it perfectly clear- abotion is a MAN"S best friend. y. Everthing in my soul told me I was doing something wrong, but my son's life at that moment was my most important concern. I have never gone a day without regret- but that man who casuallyy killed my baby did't care about me or my chilren, he abused me on tha operating table because he could, please women take back the power, most abortions are the decision of an irrisposible man who never lies awke crying for that child, Abotion in thewrong hands hurts women, spend our time and energy helping these womwn.

Taking your babbies life won't ever change yours- we need more support-spiritually and emotionally. I will not take a side on this issue because i haven't waked in their shoes- but I can help!!!! Those who think it's helping women have never beenin
n in the situation. WE agonize, we have ptss, we hurt-physically and emotionally. my doctor in Witchiota told me "to open my legs widewr-after all i I did this in order to get pregnant. Those words will never leave me. I was married, in college, and doing the very best to raise the child I had

Mark Robertson

Do the 200,000 plus women and girls strongly opposing abortion at the annual March for Life in Washington also have a "control-the-women issue?"
So, according to DD, men should not be listened to when protesting the slaughter of 50 million children in or mostly out of the womb because they can't give birth.
Tired old leftist ploy, when logic and truth are not on your side, the only thing left it to try to silence the opposition.
Can anyone say "Fairness Doctrine?"

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

Great responses to these two insane letters. Rape and incest are obviously evil, however, the child is still deserving of life.
Abortion brings much more anguish to a woman than bringing a new life into the world who was conceived by rape. Stories abound about women who have been in such a circumstance and are grateful that they chose life. See EWTN.
And incest is obviously a horrific situation, but a child is a child.
And do you pro-aborts realize how insane it sounds to say that it is better to slaughter a child than to bring it into a tough world?
If it were always the case that only wanted and easily able care for children were brought into the world, Democrat hero, President Obama, wouldn't have been born. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


"The fact is that many women do think about that before having sex, but birth control methods fail."

.. the possibility of this happening is something that should be considered. Maybe this is why abstinence only sex-ed is gaining popularity - it works every time it's tried.

Saying men should have no strong opinions about abortion is like saying women should have no strong opinions about rape - after all, they have no idea what kind of sex drives men have to deal with.


In the case of rape, incest or if the mother's life is at jepordy, abortion is and should remain a viable option. Other than that, it is selfish.


"By definition a parasite is a something that lives off something else. We don’t want to believe or even say the words, but in the case of a female and fetus, it is what it is."

Whoa, now there is a statement that could set the pro-choice movement back about fifty years. Doris, you had me until that point.


Hmm. A few things about Doris' letter:

1. The rape/incest argument is a deliberate distraction at best. Less than 1% of abortions occur because of rape of incest.

2. A fetus, by scientific definition, is NOT a parasite. It's probably a good idea to do a little research.

3. The "if you're a man, then butt out" argument would be funny because of it's ignorance if it wasn't so sad. I guess some people need to convince themselves of this because it's an easy way to invalidate the arguments of roughly 1/2 of the population without the need for consideration.

It's always seemed, to me at least, that if you have to grasp at the extreme of a situation to justify its existence your argument is probably on shaky ground.


I've heard people call a fetus a parasite, which shows a total lack of knowledge. The offspring of a parasite is a parasite. A parasite does not magically become a different species.

A pilot fish never becomes a sharkn round worms don't become dogs and ticks don't turn into Bambi.

Dan Beyer

Ah Doris Duke and her infinite wisdom!
When fathers have absolutely no say in saving his child's life, and when we have 53 MILLION and counting murdered, this completely transcends gender issues!!! This is no longer just a woman's concern!
A whole generation of human beings are gone now and any of the father's that tried to stop it from happening were completely powerless to stop their child's murder! SINCE WHEN DID MASS MURDER BECOME A RIGHT???
As far as the myth that women are going to abortion mills en mass because of rape is a lie! Less than 1% of abortions are because of that. More than 93% are because of inconvenience!
So if it's alright to murder your's and the father's unborn child because it's inconvenient then why shouldn't be alright to kill the child when it's five seconds old, or five years old or at any other time?
Children, born or unborn shouldn't be in our official list of disposable items!!!
As long as this GENOCIDE continues I as a human being will speak out against it!
My voice will not be silenced as the 53 million murdered have been silenced.
Abortion is the ultimate Human Rights Violation! Any person who has any understanding and compassion female or male, would speak out against this unimaginable horror!


Mr. Tarantino calls abortion “selfish.”

Ms. Duke rebuts by calling unborn children “parasites.”

Ms. Cooper says the children are better off dead.

There is only one less-helpful opinion on the subject – wait, there it is: Ms. Duke tells Mr. Tarantino to butt out because he is not female.

If any of the letter writers have a personal connection to abortion, they’ve learned nothing from it. Calling a woman selfish does nothing to change her mind. Pretending that her child is not human or that it is better off dead does nothing to ease the pain one suffers after abortion. Can we please move beyond these useless words? We need men and women working together to reach out to women in crisis. We must let them know that we care for both the mother and the baby.

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