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March 31, 2009

All kids deserve health care

Charron Townsend (3/25, Opinion, “As I see it: General Assembly falling short on children’s health”) makes the case for expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program so more Missouri children can have access to medical care.
The Partnership for Children reports that uninsured children are much more likely to have unmet health needs than insured children. The uninsured are less likely to get the medicines they need. They are more likely to be hospitalized for conditions that, if treated earlier, would not have resulted in a hospital stay.
Their untreated health problems can become chronic conditions with lifelong consequences, even affecting their productivity as workers.
All children deserve a healthy start in life. Increasing eligibility for the state children’s program is a smart way to achieve that goal.

David Oliver
Kansas City



Then there's this syndrome.



Pub the Fast and Furious wannabes would riot. As for the "compassionate conservative" remark. I am not a conservative nor a Republican.
Medicare is a fraud, you pay for it twice.
When something critical happens MEDICARE not your doctor decides what is bet for you.
SCHIP is a fraud because it covers adults and is ONLY available for a select demographic but EVERYONE is forced to pay for it. Socialism.


Geez Mark, "Thank you" for telling me that Medicare doesn't work. My experience as a Medicare member is that it works pretty darn well... NoNiceGuy and Kee seem to be telling us that if parents err, if working class parents can't afford health insurance, if parents just don't give a darn, then to hell with the children... I just love compassionate conservatives!


Medical experimentation pays very well.

Free market capitalism in its finest hour. Anything for a dollar.


“Medical experimentation pays very well.” - whispering_to_kc

An insightful description of the government ran universal health care system called VA Hospitals. Like I said whispering, leave me, my family, my employer and my tax money alone.

Pub 17

Nice Guy, how about outlawing Hondas with Nihonese tuner decals all over the spoilers?


The FREE MARKET will lower health care costs for children by putting them back to work in the mines and mills where they belong. Long days tippling ore cars and doffing bobbins builds their work ethic and improves their health through exercise.

All pharmaceutical companies have programs to help the poor. Medical experimentation pays very well.

Thank you.


Nahhh. Kids just need money, hip hop and pop culture and free birth control methods.
Being pimp and gangsta is the number one goal.

Mark Robertson

"It's for the children." How could those mean conservatives be against government health care for the children? Let's see now, we have Medicare for seniors,(a disaster) Medicaid for the poor,(a disaster)the SCHIP program which now, since the era of Obama, even covers adult "children" in families making over 80,000 a year.
The problem is government health care. It doesn't work. Government health care is what is actually mean. The elderly and poor were better off before Medicare and Medicaid.(The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History)
Private charity is the way to go to help the poor. It always has been and it always will be. Government just gets in the way.
We need to get back to directly paying for health care with such options as health savings accounts. The free market is what will actually lower health care costs. Medicare and Medicaid and the myriad other government programs just distort price levels. And virtually all pharmaceutical companies have programs to help the poor. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


David the problem with most social programs is the fraudulent use and disbursment.
Define poor. The majority of parents see to it they have health insurance and those that CHOOSE to be deadbeats by allowing themselves to not work or make excuses for why they are minimal, should consider adoption. Remember, it's for the children's best interests eventhough it may reduce the revenue and power grip by government, curts, lawyrs, socialist workers and the custodial momma. We ALREADY have an expansive SCHIP program that allows fairly high levels of incme before NOT qualifying (but having to fund). Also Congress expanded SCHIP and plan on funding it with the cigarette tax of which will fall short as usual when people quit smoking.


David why don't you write out your own check for other peoples kids! That would be great, but hey leave those of us who brought up our kids with our own earnings alone.

Your "rights" David stop at our doorways.

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