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March 23, 2009

Always drive like you’re on camera

All drivers should treat every stoplight as if it were a camera stoplight. Period.

It is a sad time when a camera makes a driver follow the law to slow down and stop at only a few intersections.

Put safety first, period.

Tom Edmondson
Kansas City



Automakers could decrease costs by simply producing vehciles without blinkers, a good majority of drivers do not use them anyway.
Cities and the Federal government could save millions by simply doing away with speed limit signs, a fair majority of drivers disregard them as well. Now everyone just lean their drivers seats clear back to the passenger seats, crank p the beats and start texting while driving.


You're right, Tina. And they're distracted because they're too busy giving other people the finger.

Mainstream Coalition

These cameras are evidence that the majority of traffic enforcement is actually revenue enhancement since the cameras actually result in more accidents.


I prefer to drive with the idea that everyone else on the road is a distracted idiot.


First I’m told to “Drive like you stole it.”

Now I’m told to “Drive like you’re on camera”.

Apparently I'm a NASCAR driver.

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