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March 27, 2009

America less safe?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s assertion that America is less safe under President Obama (3/16, A-3) is ironic. On whose watch did 9/11 occur? Did the “shock and awe” hunt for fictional weapons of mass destruction keep us safe or rather kill thousands of our young soldiers, create a terrorist beehive in Iraq and sap more than a trillion dollars from our Treasury?

Has warrantless surveillance of our citizens and other disregard of our constitutional rights made us safer or did it encroach upon our liberties? Did failure to recognize and regulate big corporations’ abuses help save us from bank failures, foreclosures, unemployment and a huge loss of savings?

Did the contemptuous alienation of foreign friends make us safer? Did dismissal of environmental problems make us safer?

The truth is that Cheney helped destroy our safety and Obama is doing his best to restore it.

Byron A. Stewart Jr.



On making America safer.
Shouldn't the question really be, is terrorism something on which war can be made? Isn't killing terrorist to end terrorism kind of like killing poor people to end poverty?
Israel has been killing terrorist for sixty years and is Jerusalem any safer today than it was sixty years ago? The English killed and tortured Irish terrorist forever (or so it seemed), yet the terrorism didn't end until there was a bit of reconciliation between the two countries.
Suppose the military had caught or killed every member of Al-Quida, would that end terrorism? Not without altering the political policies that gave rise to the orgaizationin the first place (e.g. out total acceptance of Israeli policies).
Two further things.
1) We should be careful about fighting terrorism militarily. After all, America fought communism in two countries. There are now three countries that remain communist, the two we fought in and the one that supplied them.
2)A joke from the mid-1970s. What's the Russian word for Viet Nam? Afghanistan.


JIm you are however a proponent of having a civil defense force going huas to haus? And a nanay system MANDATING you allow government to "teach" people how to parent?
Maybe we can just outlaw all guns while we are at it. No more visas to come here either, just open the flood gates even more.
Apparently Obama has been reading some of the books Bush and Cheney left behind as he ALSO has stated that OBL exists, also.


Talk about milking old talking points. The Gordon Brown snub is much more current than either of your links. My computer didn't want to run the links but I am familiar with the subject matter. As to the letter, so far as I can see, one may not agree with some protective measures but that doesn't change the fact that abandoning them makes us less protected. We can debate the pros and cons but that fact seems to be indisputable. But I'm sure you will try to dispute it.


Engineer will continue to milk the GOP talking points about Gordon Brown for months and months, apparently. Perhaps if Obama had nicknamed Brown "Brownie" and told him he was doing a "heckuva job," all would be forgiven.

To him, it's as if things like this never happened:


or this:


Maybe Engineer and Dick Cheney think these are things to aspire to, but I certainly don't.


Cheney did howver hold a gun to people's heads and force them to buy too much house and crank up the credit cards. Yep, all his fault. The good thing is we can rest assured that we can rely on geniuses like Barney Frank and IQ Nancy.


OH hell yes, just close that Gimo place and let all those innocents go (particularly in the neighborhoods of the three previous posters), and hell no lets not secure intel on terrorist phone calls, just let them chat! And dammit, lets cut defense spending too! That will show 'em.

Piece of advice, learn Arabic and Spanish, you are going to need both.

T. Hanson

Joe, who is this Bin Laden? The last president said that he does not matter.

Stifled Freedom

They didn't catch Osama Bin Laden either.


Dick "Fiscal Conservative Republicon" Cheney: "Deficits don't matter."

Dick "Family Values Republicon" Cheney: "Go F*** yourself!!"

Dick "General of the Army" Cheney: "We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators."

Dick "The Great White Hunter" Cheney: "Stand up in front of me and watch me take this shot, Harry!!"


Byron A. talks about "the contemptuous alienation of foreign friends". I wonder what he would cite to compare with Obama's treatment of Gordon Brown? But give him credit. He covered almost all of the left's talking points in one short letter.

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