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March 13, 2009

Bow hunting deer cruel, unnecessary

Rep. Anthony Brown has sponsored House Bill 2342 to create two bow-hunting seasons at Shawnee Mission Park to reduce the number of deer (3/9, Local). This is groundwork for a biannual slaughter of these creatures. Introducing this bill before the park board's findings and promised public forum is an attempt to circumvent discussion.

Bow hunting is an unnecessarily cruel method of killing. Some injured animals suffer hours or days before dying.

Georgia Mueller's suggestion (3/3, Letters) to connect the parkway system to allow the deer to migrate from area to area is an alternative. Kansas is getting a stimulus package from the government that could be used to create jobs building a green corridor.

Anita Colman


Tom K

Animal rights activists place the "suffering" of animals ahead of human needs, including the need to avoid death and suffering. For the love of God, we actually have a law that prohibits clearing brush for the sake of an allegedly endangered "kangaroo rat." How many humans died during the last round of wildfires in California for the sake of a stupid rat? How many homes were lost? You also know that most likely more kangaroo rats are killed by uncontrolled fires than have difficulties finding a place to live on account of proper fire management.

If hunters are thinking of the people who died in the wildfires in California and Australia (whole towns were lost in Australia) when an animal rights activist jumps between him and a deer when he's making his shot, his finger might jerk the trigger accidentally while he's making up his mind not to shoot. Or what about a hunter who had a relative who was killed by a car-deer collision?

Better yet, bring in some Africans who have had relatives who have been killed by lions that are protected by the conservationists, or Indians who have lost relatives to tigers and tell them who's getting between them and the deer that they want to shoot.

People, the animal rights activists are targeting the human race for destruction and it's past time to notice and to care. They're doing their thing, chipping away at us bit by bit. They have no right to judge us. They don't even have brains, let alone moral or intellectual superiority. What does it take for people to wake up and smell the coffee?

Smarter Than You

I didn't know we executed prisoners for sport, sport.



Pub 17



Poison them. If its humane enough for our prisoners on death row its humane enough for the deer.

Personally I think hanging is more humane that poisoning, but you'd be hard pressed to get the deer to hold still.


"Bow hunting is an unnecessarily cruel method of killing. Some injured animals suffer hours or days before dying."

... Anita, would you have no problem with hunters brandishing fully automatic rifles? Seems much less cruel.

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