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March 27, 2009

Bravo to Burroughs

Kudos to Kansas Rep. Tom Burroughs of Kansas City, Kan., a politician who actually does what he says he will.

A recently unemployed patron of Turner Library, where I work, was visibly distraught. He was having a hard time signing up for unemployment benefits — a complicated, frustrating and arduous process, to say the least. After many unsuccessful calls to the unemployment office, he was truly at a loss and profoundly depressed.

I called Burroughs, who was in a meeting but was kind enough to take my call and hear me out. After I explained the situation to him, he promised to check into the matter. I talked to the patron the next day, and he was grateful. He said Tom had called him and helped him through the process that very afternoon.

In this age of dissatisfaction with many of our elected officials, it is encouraging to find a politician who really does care and who does what he says he will. This is Tom Burroughs. I don’t live in his district, but his district can be proud of him.

Thank you, Tom!

Janet M. Sutera



If signing up for unemployment is difficult for someone, that should give some insight on that persons skill set and ability.

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