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March 21, 2009

Bush’s ‘strength’

I absolutely agree with James F. Westhues (3/13, Letters, “Republicans didn’t appreciate Bush”).

President Bush did propel our nation to higher ethical standards, more cooperative attitudes, respect for everyone, including those who oppose us poliitcally, and genuine honesty. It was Bush’s lack of these very qualities that propelled our nation to vote for Barack Obama, a man who exudes them.

Bush’s “strength” lies in his failures.

Susan Schank



Bush proved he could be resolute in the face of adversity. When Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and, yes, BARRACK OBAMA, were crying "DEFEAT"
and "LETS CUT AND RUN" he held fast. Let us hope the Demo three have more moral fortitude when it comes to solving the financial problems.



One thing he exuded was that wounded servicemen and women should pay for their care........that was "exuding" straight from the desk of President Scum.


OH yeah, he "exudes" all right Susan, I will give you that...what, is rather disgusting, but he does "exude"....

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