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March 01, 2009

Cold-medicine bill

Requiring prescriptions for cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine is a bad idea (2/17, Local, “Measure aimed at meth producers”). The fee to see a doctor here is $80. Most people can’t afford that just to get cold medicine.

There has to be a better way to control this.

Terry Baker
Nevada, Mo.



"Come up with a better solution."

I would leave that to the chemists who develop this stuff. I worked for a chemical company. My husband was a bench chemist in his previous professional life. Surely some chemist can come up with a way to render that stuff unusable when it's cooked.


I don't think that by saying "I understand" that I am advocating what the gov't is proposing. I do not have any friends or family members using the stuff, so I am not personally invested.

Meth, crack and pcp are drugs that cause extreme problems. Of the three only meth is the one you can produce by going to your local Wal-mart.

Come up with a better solution.


Oops -- make that "photo ID".


Solomon, I still don't think the VAST majority of law abiding, sniffling, sneezing citizens should have to suffer because of the criminals' activity. Currently, the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine require customers to produce a photo idea and personal information, which is kept on file for two years. The law is part of the Patriot Act, for pete's sake. Do we have to require all those products to be sold under prescription because a part of the Patriot Act can't be enforced?

Stifled Freedom

The bill is not about drugs....its about politicians seeking the grandstand.


Maybe potential cold medicine purchasers should have their fingers scanned on a print scanner - if they pop up as having a drug conviction - no matter how trivial - they are barred from the purchase.

Personally, I'd like to see more effective drugs available without a prescription - most now are a joke. If we treat drug crimes as seriously as they are - maybe we wouldn't have to subject the overwhelming majority of citizens to useless over the counter medicine and background checks to go with them.



In recent years Missouri has ranked very high in the number of meth labs. At least one year we were number one.

The ingredients used to make it are harmless unless some crook cooks them together to make this poison. The same can be said of the ingredients the white supremacist who blew up Federal building in Oklahoma used.

It is saddening that these criminals have forced the gov't to take these measures, but if I can't grow a pot plant among my cosmos i understand the need to restrict these ingredients.(all things being equal)


I agree with Terry. It's insane to expect people to go to a doctor for a stinking COLD. Even if you could just call a doctor to have a prescription called in, how long does that take -- and could you get your doctor to do it on weekends, holidays or in the middle of the night?

Surely there must be a better way to deal with this.

Solomon, I suspect Nevada, MO has deep deep problems that won't be resolved by making cold medicines harder to get. The bad guys will always find a way to get around the roadblocks we put in front of them.


Well, lets see....Nevada, Mo has a population of approximately 8500 and it is estimated that they have at least one meth lab for every 100 residents.

I agree that the regulation of the ingredients to make meth affects us all negatively, but get your head out of the sand, Terry.

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