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March 07, 2009

Congress needs term limits

Our country is following the path of the old Roman Empire. It thought it was big, but it finally fell. I’m not saying our country will fall, but if it doesn’t change, it may.

We have people in the Senate and Congress who have been in too long. It’s time for two-term limits and new, qualified people to represent us. These people have been in so long they can’t see the real world around them. It’s time for change for the country and people, not for big money in their pockets. They also want an increase in pay. Makes a lot of sense the way things are at present time, doesn’t it?

There are good people in both parties, but we need better representation from both. Maybe we would get it if members of Congress knew they didn’t have lifetime jobs.

Mike Miller



The Roman Empire was basically a continuing criminal enterprise ruled by dictators for much of its existence. The caesars conquered new territories, looted their wealth, then taxed the remnants to enrich the Roman elite while buying complacency from the Roman masses with bread and circuses. Any comparisons with today's United States are useless babble.

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