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March 09, 2009

Crack down on radio noise

Kansas City has much more pressing issues than adding the new siren to patrol cars (3/2, Local, “KC police use Rumbler siren to make presence felt; The low-frequency device, used to increase awareness, creates a hum drivers can feel”).

The Kansas City Police Department should start enforcing the noise ordinance so all the people would not have to listen to the noise by the radios in the vehicles. This would also produce revenue to help pay for the officers to keep on patrol. While traveling in the other communities in the area, we don’t have to listen to the noise. One good example is North Kansas City, which has signs posted stating “noise ordinance strictly enforced.” You can drive there in peace.

It would cost a fortune in these bad financial times to install these on all emergency vehicles. The Fire Department and MAST would also need them on their vehicles.

In the area where I live, around I-29 and Barry Road, most of the sirens are on Fire Department vehicles and MAST ambulances. We seldom see any patrol cars in the area.

Jack Carey
Kansas City


KC Educator

A few years ago the police and fire department bought new radio systems because there were buildings and places in the city where the radio systems could not communicate. A couple of years later taxpayers had to spend millions more to upgrade the police and fire radios because there were buildings and places in the city that the radio systems would not work. Recently I read that the police and fire department have in their budget a proposal to scrap the communication systems that they presently have and buy a new one because there are buildings and places in the city where the radios do not work. Now I hear that the police department wants to buy new sirens for their cars so that people will feel the sirens as they drive.

I also read recently that the mayor has stated that he plans to renege on the cities obligation to the sports complex because there is not enough money in the budget. The choice that was stated was that we either lay off police and fire fighters or pay the city's obligations toward stadium upkeep and renovations. I'm not an accountant, like the mayor, but it appears to me that the addition in the budget seems flawed. Maybe it's time to look at where the waist in the budget really is and what can be delayed until we have the money to pay for them.


And motorcycles are a lot more annoying.

Stifled Freedom

I find loud motorcycles a lot more frequent than loud car stereos.


"you can drive there in peace"

Call me kooky but an occasional car "thumping" their base doesn't bother me. Seems it bothers Jack when a car with loud music drives by. I'll admit that if a person is parked somewhere with their radio blaring it is a public nuisance, but to want cars stopped on the road for having the radio turned up is a waste of police time and efforts.

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