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March 11, 2009

Credit for Dow’s rise?

The Dow went up 379 points Tuesday. I wonder how many of the Republicans who have been screaming that Mr. Obama has caused the Dow to drop will give him credit for the Dow rising? Charles Krauthammer? E. Thomas McClanahan? Rush Limbaugh? Anyone?

Nah, I didn’t think so. I don’t think I have ever seen such a group of folks so bankrupt as to both honesty and good ideas beneficial to our economy and our nation.

Richard L. Strickland



I think this letter is trying to point out how silly some conservatives come across when they blame the recent slide on the Obama administration while conveniently ignoring the fact that the previous 5,000 point slide that occured during the final months of the Bush Administration (ie. see udRug comments below). If such short sighted and uninformed thinking blames the current administration for a 2,000 point slide, shouldn't that same short sighted thinking give credit for the recent 700 point increase? The correct answer of course is that both approaches are positively inane.

Roger Lambert

Wow, send a pro-Obama letter in on a Wednesday and they print it in Thursday's paper. Wonder how that happened...

Maybe the stock market debate will become like the Global Warming debate. Every time there's a warm day we're doomed; every cold day shows the folly of the greenies. In the same way, Obama was a fool when the market dropped 3000 points on his watch, but now a genius that it goes up 300.

I will go on the record stating that I hope the market goes up and up and up. I have too much money at stake to hope otherwise.



What are you, a slow learner? How many times do you need to be reminded of the rules here against making sense?


If that's the game, then I guess the 5,000 point drop on Bush's watch should be squarely laid on his shoulders.

Ignoring the myriad of factors that affect the market and instead blaming the president (no matter which party he belongs to) is naive at best. I'll agree that Obama's dire predictions did nothing to increase investor confidence (and went against the historical nature of a president as "cheerleader"), but I guess that's what he thought he needed to do in order to increase support for the massive stimulus package. Bush was guilty of the same sort of dire predictions in early 2001 when he needed his tax cuts to pass.

Like most things in today's political spectrum, neither side can point to the other with a clean conscious, but there will always be those who like to solely point at "the other guy" as a neat, clean little answer.


How the hell can you give him credit for a stinking 400 point rise after consecutive drops totaling over 3000 points? Stupid letter.


wow, I'm now rich. Thanks Obama.

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