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March 12, 2009

Cut out the pork

Halt Congressional add-ons — pork-barrel spending — to federal funding bills immediately. Both parties are mindlessly spending money we no longer have. Congressional add-ons are unregulated and being used to subvert the federal budgeting process. This is practiced deception and corrupts the opportunity to reduce deficits.

Congress should be looking to prepare and pass appropriations legislation by Oct. 1, the start of the annual federal fiscal year. Holding federal agencies hostage to force special projects is tantamount to sedition. Omnibus appropriations are disruptive and expensive to all taxpayers.

If the elected officials are not competent enough to perform the most important budget functions necessary for the continuous operation of government, then they must be replaced. This isn’t a request. It’s a demand for the end of corruption by angry taxpayers. Now.

Carol A. Clopton
Kansas City



Takes no courage to say anything on a blog. Think a little and it should come to you, its been circulating on the internet. If my definition of "social programs" is dubious, what is yours?



You don't ever have enough courage to carry your insult of our president all the way and just say what that acronym is.

Your definition of "social programs" is dubious at best.


Pork is bad but it might stimulate. What is really bad is an Administration trying to use a financial crisis to promote social programs and programs like 'CAP AND TRADE' which will harm and slow the economy, not promote recovery. Obama is an acronym.

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