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March 09, 2009

Death penalty too costly

We have long considered the practice of capital punishment to be inhumane, unequal and probably ineffective in preventing violent crime. As Catholics, we support the position of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops when they proclaim that a pro-life position must be unconditional and apply even to “someone who has done great evil.”

As legislators in Kansas continue to ponder the policy of the death penalty, we feel the issue becomes particularly pressing. In the vein of the information reported in The Star’s editorial (3/4, Opinion, “Ending a burdensome cost”), we refer to current estimates that the cost of imprisoning a convicted person for life without the possibility of parole is significantly less than that of carrying through the death penalty to its lengthy conclusion. This fact alone is a strong argument to abolish the practice.

Kansas cannot afford to fund the seemingly endless array of court costs associated with the death penalty in a time when public services that affect every citizen of our state are at risk. This bill, we believe, would be a responsible method of replacing funds that will, in the end, bring relief and hope to all Kansans in these difficult times.

Drew and Joanne Bodner
Prairie Village



Bring back Judge Roy Bean......that will cut the cost of the death penalty and the murdering scum who get it will swing quickly.

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