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March 06, 2009

Family planning prevents abortions

Recently there have been references in the media, including The Star,  to the repeal by President Obama of the gag rule, i.e. lifting the restrictions on federal funding for certain international family planning groups. Some of these references have stated that those organizations “promote” abortion.

All of the last several Republican presidents have implemented the gag rule against any organization that even presents abortion as an option. There is ample evidence that ready access to family planning methods prevents abortions, and it is a pity that anti-choice folks cannot bring themselves to find common ground with pro-choice folks on that basis. It would benefit many if they would.

Susan Fischer



While fundies on the right are screaming about the intrusion of big government into their personal lives they are wanting a big government intrusion into the lives of women. In fact, they seem obsessed with the sexual habits of American citizens.

They are "pro-life" until you take your first breath and then the woman who does give birth is a slut and a welfare queen they don't want to support with "their" tax dollars.

Give us a break....which is it? Are you really pro-life? Is all life sacred? If you believe it is how can you support war?....or, the eating of meat....or the end of Medicaid or Medicare...?

Hypocrites each and every one.


I think Dan Beyer said "shut up" first. In fact, that's why I responded.


Ahhh, there it is again, the argument of last resort: “Just shut up!”

Usually, it’s “shut up if you’re a man” so at least we’ve been spared that bit of tedium.


You know guys, the abortion debate is basically over and choice won. Roe V Wade will be in effect for years. Even if it is overturned and abortion goes back to state law, it will still be legal in the huge population centers on the coastal states and in Chicago.

I would think you would be embracing anyone who attempted to find common ground with open arms because the fact is, prochoicers don't even have to acknowledge you. Show a little humility and try to lessen the number of abortions instead of indulging in your nutjob rhetoric.


Bristol Palin is not running down tot he welfare office whining for freebies.
Certainly she make a poor choice in having a child at such a young age and surely she realizes that she made a poor choice, but at least she and her family contend with it in a responsible manner.
The notion of promoting promiscuity is ridiculous, which is what pro-chioice advocate endorse. Let the man bashing begin!


Dan, ask Bristol Palin how well abstinence education works and then get back to us.


I think the "common ground" that the letter writer speaks of would be the promotion of birth control options sans abortion.

Sounds like the family planners are "throwing out the baby with the bathwater" - which I guess should come as no surprise.

Dan Beyer

Let's see, abortion selling "family planners" rigorously promote "healthy sex", disparage abstinence education, freely give out birth control they know is not 100% effective and piously claim they want to reduce abortions.
Good sales tactic!

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