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March 28, 2009

Foreclosures are sad

As I watched the news last week concerning the foreclosure auction, I could not help but feel sorry for those individuals who had lost their homes.

It seems the local news anchors were so excited about what a great deal we could get buying these homes. Did they stop and think that perhaps the families who lost these homes were viewing the news as well?

Debra Luptak
Lee’s Summit


Stifled Freedom

Reminds me of a Don Henley song about dirty laundry. Journalists are very self-involved poeple. They report anything with glee when they think it will better thier careers. And most of them dont present what they find in context in order to sensationalize the issue.


It's always sad, even when people find themselves in a hole of their own making. I think about kids whose sense of security will be trashed forever because they're losing their homes. Few things are more important to a child than a sense of security. I hope we don't end up with a "foreclosure" generation.


In some cases it is sad, however, foreclosures are not the majority of the market. 90% of the mortgages are being paid as they were previously. There were foreclosures prior to this bogus bailout scheme. People living in reasonable houses that truly fell into a scenario by no fault of their own is one thing, people living in $300k houses and having a plethora of credit debt along with a 2nd mortgage, hard to feel sorry for them. They put themselves in that position. Had they lived in say a $180k house and purchased a 2 year old vehicle, cut up all but maybe one credit card for travel or emergency, they would not be in such pain.

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