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March 06, 2009

Four-day school week bad idea

The Missouri House of Representatives granted approval to give Missouri school districts the option of going to a four-day school week (2/25, Local). The bill now moves forward to the Senate for approval. The reasoning behind this bill is to help our Missouri schools save valuable dollars.

I am a firm proponent of our school districts saving taxpayer money. However, is this idea the best that our legislators could come up with? Did they consider the financial stress that this option would put on the families of millions of Missouri children?

Most working parents have a five-day workweek with no option of moving to four days without losing salary. Those parents will then have to make care provisions for their children who are unable to stay home by themselves. This is an expensive proposition, as anyone with young children can attest.

Further, what about the thousands of hourly school employees who could lose a significant amount of income as a result of this option?

We are all struggling in this economy, but the ramifications of this bill reach much further than our legislators have taken into account.

William Crouse



The worst thing about this idea is that kids are not adults and don't have the attention span of adults. It is unreasonable to expect them to remain in class and able to learn if the school day is extended, as it would have to be if schools adopted a 4 day a week schedule. Some kids have enough trouble paying attention for 6 hours in a day.


I'm stunned to learn such an impractical (okay, make that stupid) idea made it as far as it did in the legislature. Yeesh, what a non-starter.


All one needs to do is read the comments following most Star articles and this conclusion will be reached:

Kansas City should go to an eight-day school week.

Most posters are seriously deficient in their ability to communicate clearly, and independent thought appears to be almost non-existent.

Roger Lambert

This is the worst idea I've heard in quite some time. The state wants to save a little bit of money, but parents will be paying a lot more for child care. That is, if they can even find it when tens of thousands of kids looking for day care one day a week. What a lame burden shifting scheme.

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