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March 26, 2009

Fox guarding the henhouse?

Regarding the article “Stopping another AIG; Greater governmental authority requested over the troubled nonbank financial companies” (3/25, Business): How can the government, which is a bunch of crooks and thieves, stop the greedy and inept activities of a global financial company, which is a bunch of crooks and thieves?

Bruce Erickson
Lee’s Summit



The government runs nothing fine, especially anything involving fudicary responsibility.
Just look at SS, Medideath, Freddie and Fannie.


The Nevada bawdy house was the Mustang Ranch, seized by the IRS over tax fraud. The brothel was closed and its assets auctioned off to satisfy the government lien. The owner ran off to Brazil.


The feds "ran the bank" fine.


Now if we really think about it, the majority of the beauraucraps are lawyers which are the biggest group of bottom feeders. When our child decided to go to university the one stipulation I made was if they wanted to become a lawyer we would not pay their tutition, the last thing we need are more of these deadbeats.


LOL, that may have been the case No Mo!


Did Barney Frank have oversight of that brothel, it would fit him.


there is an e-mail making the rounds now about the government taking over a bawdy house in Nevada, and subsequently bankrupting it....then the question is posed "if you cannot make money selling booze and sex, how the heck you going to run a bank?"

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