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March 27, 2009

Going ‘green’ leads to lean times

The front-page article “EPA ready to control greenhouse emissions; Proposed finding could widen regulatory agency’s reach, a move opposed by industry” (3/24, A-1) is alarming, to say the least. President Obama’s EPA is ready to say that carbon dioxide is basically poisonous, and all “greenhouse gas” emissions should be and will be regulated. Congress will also get involved with actual legislation. This is all in response to the Bush administration, which “sidestepped” the issue.

The problem is, it’s all a hoax. Carbon dioxide is a fraction of a fraction of all the elements in the atmosphere. Our activities on Earth cannot, and have not, affected its temperature. We all breathe in, and when we breathe out, it’s carbon dioxide. So our government is basically saying that humans poison the Earth by existence.

Make no mistake about the purpose of these rulings however. It’s about forcing “green” energy. But when the marketplace has no say in energy use, going “green” will only lead to lean times.

Dyrk Dugan
Overland Park



Have you paid attention to the weather guessers and this current "snow storm". OMG, OMG, 4-8 inches of snow!! NO, OMG, 6-12 inches of snow arriving late pm Fri. and really snowing early AM Saturday.

Today at the 9:00 AM weathercast, er, ah, er, ah, maybe a trace to 2 inches, er,ah, maybe none, arriving maybe today......etc.

Folks this is the people and the "science" that gives us "global warming" projecting temperatures our for decades! Are you kidding me?

WTH is wrong with otherwise sane people who by off on this crap. It will bankrupt and collapse the greatest nation on earth if we continue to pursue so-called "greem" sources of energy.

Obama's cap and trade policy will increase the cost of energy to most of us by 30% based on faulty "science". Wake up people! Our existence depends upon us not slicing our own wrists.

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