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March 08, 2009

‘Green flash’ is real

C.W. Gusewelle seems not to believe in the green flash (3/1, Local, “‘Green flash’ is a Gulf Coast curiosity”). However, my husband and I have seen it twice from Maui, Hawaii. Having heard of this we watched for it several times with others and did see it on two different nights. Others did, also.
You have to have everything right. And you have to not blink your eyes when it happens, for it is just a green flash! Often a cloud will suddenly appear as the sun sets on the horizon, and then it is not possible to see it.
We have never seen it anywhere else, but I am sure there may be other places.
Nancy Reed
St. Joseph



Hey, I believe her, and I ain't smokin nuthin'. I've seen the Northern Lights, the most gorgeous thing I could imagine. Who's to say this green flash doesn't really happen?

Now go on, darling, bring Obama into this because he's from Hawaii.


Wow, like you know, wow,,,you know Nance...wow...like you know, wow.....

Nancy, stick to the factory jobs, those home made ciggie poos will kill you......

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