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March 22, 2009

Green tip

One word that would help cut pollution and save energy: clothesline.

Gordon Trouth
Emma, Mo.


mike d

How about - The self serving so we can get re-elected scumbag politicians of both parties that fell asleep at the switch and drove our country into the grounds' economy.
Is that better?
I know I feel better!


By the way, calling this the "Obama economy" is kind of like watching the streets-and-sanitation crews cleaning up Times Square on January 1st and blaming them for the mess.


One more word: nimby.


The way this Obama economy is going we all may have to live out of our gardens.... I see Secretary Timmy is proposing another trillion to buy bad loans....WTH as long as they have ink......


Heheheh, I wonder what all these uppity homeowners assocations are going to be faced with when people start putting up clotheslines in the yards. Ewwww, can'thave clotheslines -- they wreck the look of then eighborhood!~ Some HOAs don't even allow homeowners to plant vegetable gardens because they get to looking ratty toward the end of the season. They're going to be up against a LOT of resistance this year, as vegetable gardening is generating a huge amount of new interest -- for obvious reasons.

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