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March 29, 2009

Help someone learn to read

Mary Sanchez’s column “Dropout rate shows it’s not just students failing” (3/24, Opinion) rightfully takes the school system to task for poor academic performance in area schools. Whether or not the school district is entirely to blame, one sad fact is certain: about 250,000 Kansas City adults read below the fifth-grade level and are considered functionally illiterate.

Poor readers who have the courage to step forward and say “I need help” can turn to the remarkable program at Literacy Kansas City, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is “literacy for all.” Its unique system of one-to-one, phonetics-based tutoring has so far helped more than 4,000 area adults learn to read. About one half of the students in our program have high school diplomas.

Area illiteracy is one problem you can help solve. Literacy Kansas City is now in critical need of volunteer tutors. If you like to read and want to make a difference in your community, call 816-333-9332 and attend the next volunteer orientation meeting. You have the power to personally help an adult whom the schools — and the system — have failed.

Mike Kreiter
Volunteer tutor, Literacy Kansas City
Overland Park



I'd like to share news of a piece I put on the web: "Nine Reading Experts Explain The Sad State Of Reading" (Google that). So many bogus ideas have been introduced into education; this article can serve to clarify what's been going on.

A great article, if I do say so myself.


Define literate. It also depends on what you read. The Communist Manifesto is what may very well become required reading and a test administered to graduate from highschool. A score of 90% will be considered a failing grade based on today's scale of grading methodology.

Keith Williams3

Were making progress>> lol!


Here is an area that j-Man, Roger and I agree.

Keith Williams3

I agree with this, good job. I have a Need 2 Read program through my foundation, www.northsidefoundation.net. I'll see if some of my teens would like to volunteer.

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