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March 15, 2009

Improve education in Missouri

The Missouri State Legislature has a chance to “show me” that children and families are a priority by voting “yes for QRS.”
The Quality Rating System, House Bill 387, is a five-star rating system that will improve quality in early childhood and school-age programs across the state. Programs that voluntarily enroll in QRS will receive technical assistance, professional development for teachers and updated materials and equipment. QRS will raise public awareness as to what quality really means, and parents will be able use the star rating as a guide in choosing the best program for their child.
Missouri’s investment in high-quality programs for children will provide a substantial return through a reduction in the need for special education, social welfare programs and the criminal justice system. Missouri will also benefit economically because high-quality programs for children allow parents to work and children to succeed.
It is a win-win situation. Parents are working, teachers are working, and children are being well prepared for the future.
Mary Cosgrove Spence
Public policy chair, Missouri Association for the Education of Young Children
Kansas City



The betterment of the education system in Missouri and the rest of this country starts at home. Growing up in a house that had eight kids my parents made sure we sat down and did pur homework at the dining room table. On Monday when we got our spelling words they grilled us better than our teachers did, I did not miss a spelling word all through school. Parents NEED to take a bigger role in their kids education. I know you will say that parents have to work, but aren't your kids worth it?

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