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March 30, 2009

Justice for all?

It is incredibly ironic that Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Charlie Shields refused to sign a courtesy resolution honoring the Heartland Men’s Chorus on the eve of the group’s “And Justice for All” concert (3/27, Local, “Resolution mentioning gay men denied”).

Shields is cowardly hiding behind claims that some senators might find the resolution too controversial. What I find controversial is Sen. Shields’ level of intolerance.

The Heartland Men’s Chorus is dedicated to inspiring and honoring the beauty and greatness that lies in each and every one of us, regardless of our backgrounds and beliefs. Our community is fortunate to have this talented, dedicated and courageous group of men perform shows that not only celebrate the human spirit but encourage us to open our hearts and minds.

Missouri is also fortunate to have state senators like Jolie Justus, who value the efforts of organizations that promote tolerance and understanding and wish to recognize their contributions.

Perhaps the person who would have most benefited from being in the audience of “And Justice for All” last weekend is Sen. Charlie Shields.

Patty S. Pasley
Prairie Village



KC Educator
Nice to find a point on which I agree with you.

Keith Williams3

WOW solomon I almost up-chucked my lunch with that one lol!

Dont tell because I surley wont ask!!

KC Educator

I met Charlie Shields ten years ago at a legislative function when he was serving in the House. I have consistently disagreed with his politics, but have found him to be a man of integrity. He is not a coward, and will stand up for what he believes in, as I believe he was doing in this instance. Not believing in what you believe in does not make someone a coward. If I were you I would stick to trying to influence candidates in your own state.


Do they sing gay songs? You know like "Blow, Blow, blow the man down"?

What a non-issue.............


Why exactly should the legislature honor the Heartland Men's Chorus? I hear that they have gotten pretty ragged lately. Is the legislature supposed to honor them just because they are gay?


Well Patty since you in Kansas why don't you get your legislature to pass such a "courtesy resolution"? I will watch the news to see when it is passed.

Stifled Freedom

Shields is probably gay himself. That would be about par for the course today.

Keith Williams3

Dont ask dont tell after you retire from the service!

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