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March 07, 2009

KCP&L rate increase

So KCP&L wants to raise rates (3/4, A-1). This may be a savings for consumers. With less money to spend on groceries, people will be using that electric stove less. And after the utilities are cut off from non-payment, the savings will be even more.

Spring is close, so there won’t be the worry of people freezing to death, just a little heatstroke when summer gets here. How much is a block of ice these days?

Jim Svetlecic



Just wait until Biden and Co take coal fired plants off line. You have not seen rate increase yet. YOu do realize KCP&L along with every other utility company does have enormous overhead called power plants and employees coupled with AQCS mandates that must be completed by a certain time frame or face millions in fines.
Just wait until we are forced to drive electric cars and the demand increases by 50%.

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