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March 27, 2009

Living the low-tech life

Please tell me how:
I was able to graduate without a computer?
I able to learn math without a calculator?
I was able to get a good job without a computer?
I was able to work out without a cell phone?
I was able to walk my dog without a cell phone?
I was able to buy groceries without a cell phone?
I was able to travel without a computer and cell phone?
I was able to raise a son without a computer?
I am able to watch a movie without a cell phone?
I am able to pay bills and do my taxes without a cell phone?
I am able to contact Social Security or Medicare without a computer?
I am able to drive a car without a cell phone attached to my ear?

Please tell me how.

Judy Dunlap
Kansas City



I'll bet Judy's grandparents probably didn't need no stinkin' telephone or washing machine either. Or automobiles. Why, in their day, they had to walk to school...barefoot...in the snow...uphill both ways...wearing barbed wire on their feet for traction. If it was good enough for them, dagnabbit, it should be good enough for us!


Circa 1978 sure thing, this 2009 and if you do not indulge into technology, you limit yourself. Just because something is printed in a text book does not make it any mroe true or valid than something on the internet. Although I understand your frustration with the entitlement mentality which does not change it simply evolves with the times. Poor, poverty strickem welfare mongers yapping on celll phones is somewhat annoying.


Because you are a superior, unique, and special person, while those of us drones who consider computers and cell phones a great convenience and enhancement to life are simply textbook studies in mediocrity.

That the answer you're looking for?


What's your point??

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