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March 26, 2009

Missouri legislature can’t create money

The criticism in the editorial “Vacationing legislators should give us a break” (3/13, Opinion) was misplaced, and the attack on my anti-terrorism resolution missed the mark.

First, the Missouri legislature doesn’t have some magic money-printing machine to pay for the massive government expansion that Gov. Jay Nixon and The Star support. When the private sector does well, state revenue increases. Our job is to encourage growth and create an economic climate that helps create jobs while ensuring state government lives within its means in good times and bad.

For Washington liberals, the solution is printing more money with a so-called “stimulus.” Nixon’s answer is spending all the money and leaving the debt for our “kids and grandkids,” as he told C-SPAN. For House Republicans, the solution is fiscal discipline. We understand this isn’t our money. It belongs to taxpayers.

Second, Democrats and Republicans supported my resolution urging the U.S. not to bring suspected terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to Missouri. The Star criticized this action, but the fact the U.S. rushed to shut down Guantanamo Bay without a clear plan for where the detainees will be sent should be taken very seriously. I believe Missourians who care about public safety do not share The Star’s view.

Missouri Rep. Clint Tracy
158th District
Cape Girardeau



Kee you are correct. Personal responsibility is only directed towards one group of parents. I find it repulsive that entities like DCSE have been cold busted on their reporting and accounting practices, yet constituents do not seem to care much about it. A State Auditor did her job and not a damn thing has been done about it. Meanwhile they just get away with making fathers pay what a fair majority do not even owe. What's more is they are not forced to provide receipts for payments and when they do provide documentation, it is not considered evidence of payment. Basically what happens is some deadbeat social worker with a chip on his/her shoulder and looking to make their bonus, fabricates payments not made or "loses" documentation. Courts are pretty much one sides unless you can afford a $200 an hour attorney and fork over a $2500 retainer right up front, then after $10,000 in legal fees you are told that legislation is in place to protect the State from being held accountable. This is a fact and I know from personal experience just how deadbeat the DCSE, the 16th Circuit and the AG office are.


KCE you are yet another media influenced sheep. I look at things for their face value. So you are saying that 90% of borrowers are not paying their mortgages?
Exactly what is it that is so expensive that is breaking the bank?
Escaping? You sound like yet another liberal excuse maker. We have not seen a drastic increase in anything that would break the bank, food costs creeped up, so what. Video game sales are at an all time high, whgat is your point? That people make choices on what they can and can not afford?
People go the casinos to "escape" too, poor them.


Well said Congressman Tracy. The usual suspects are whining because the achievers have not been punished enough with higher and higher taxes, and gosh, parents should provide for their own kids! What a shocker, just imagine the concept of personal responsibility! OMG you mean folks actually have to provide health insurance for their kids! OMG, OMG!

Keep up the good work sir!

KC Educator


Rather than just saying something outrageous, it would be nice to hear something that had some thought to it. I bet you were the guy that said during the great depression, “Da, what hard times, 70% of us are doing just fine.”

Check the records. During economic hard times alcohol and entertainment spending always increases. People that are hurting try to find a means of escape.


Economic hard times in what way? The majority (90%) of us are not experiencing anything different than last year except for maybe those that failed to keep up with their 401k. The inflated buzzword and sheep mentality, if everyone is so broke, why are the casinos packed at all? Poor people can afford casinos? Sporting events? How the hell can they afford cell phones? Get a grip, the "poor" are not paying for squat, the upper 50% are.

KC Educator

Dear Rep. Tracy,

Thank you from taking time out of your busy day to say nothing. In reading the original editorial, you failed to address the points that were made about how the proposed budget cuts were paid for by the poor. Name calling and diversion are not arguable points in any discussion. It seems that that this is all you are reduced to because of your lack of a substantive legislative agenda.

It is a crime that in such hard economic times that your priority, and your party’s priority, is to pass a bill dealing with Guantanamo Bay detainees passing through the state when there is even no plan to close the facility prior to the end of the year. I’m sure that you fired up your base with this legislation that is Constitutionally unenforceable, but what have you really accomplished.


Rep. Tracy, Jeff City creats a ton of revenue for itself by oassing bogus legislation, cooking the books, extorting constituents, etc. Many of us wonder why when a State Auditor determines without any doubt and provides factual data showing gross accountability by entities such as DCSE, nothing is done to correct it or to hold the thieves and crooks liable accountable for their actions? When the State needs money it just makes laws that protect the State's interests and pays no mind to Constitutional rights of citizens.
In my opinion the only good politician is one that is hanging from a rope in the public square. They can start with dedadbeats like Lori K. Bell and Jennifer Adaddi.

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