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March 14, 2009

Obama's 'cure' has vision

Charles Krauthammer erroneously states that President Obama cited energy, education and health care as causes for the economic collapse (3/10, Opinion, "Obama's cure has nothing to do with what ails us"). I can find no place were the president says these are directly causal. He does, however, have the vision to see that they are a part of the solution.

To limit Obama's solutions ideologically to only those things that are the causes is precisely the kind of single-focus linear thinking that got us into this mess. "The economy" is made up of more than banks and car manufacturers. It also includes agriculture, education and, yes, health care. Obama is using "systems thinking" (see Peter Senge et al.) to find a cure, not the knee-jerk ideological response of the neocons who brought us this debacle.

Albert Einstein once said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." If Krauthammer has some magic formula, he should share it. But don't tell us we can't use a particular remedy because it's not in his 20th-century toolbox and it violates one of his principles of pseudo-economics.

Dick Sumpter



What we all need to wonder is how Obama is going to "decrease the deficit". We are never going to get out from under it unless taxes are raised in everyone. We already hear ideas about taxing employer health care benefits. The millions taken off the federal income tax riles by Bush will have ti be put back on, all taxes will have to be raised back to the BC levels. Everyone needs to pay a share even if, in the case of the 95%, it’s less than their "fair share".


Yeah right Dick, Trillions of dollars in debt, and the mark dropping like a rock by over 2000 points....yeah your man is doing a helluva job....

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