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March 16, 2009

Pick up your trash

As spring approaches, I eagerly anticipate being outside more often. However, the snow has melted away, revealing a repulsive layer of garbage. I live in a nice neighborhood, but it’s amazing how a few lazy slobs can ruin everything.
Does the rest of the world still use the term “lazy American?” I can see why. How inconsiderate are you to carelessly toss your garbage into the street or another neighbor’s yard? Is it so difficult to hold onto that trash for a couple of extra minutes until you get home? Is it too strenuous to hoist that fast food bag out of your vehicle and place it in the garbage?
If my tone seems harsh, it is completely intentional. I hope all the lazy slobs out there read this and either get offended or ashamed, because those seem to be the only two ways to stir up a reaction anymore.
David Dvorak
Kansas City



I hate people and I mean hate those idiots that throw cigaretts out the car. I hate to pull up to a light and there are tires just dumped on the side of the road. I started a profgram in the 12th st (hood) Prospect to Brooklyn area to pay the Homeless and drunks to pick up trash twice a week. They are paid through my foundation www.northsidefoundation.net and donations. PICK UP YOU TRASH, BETTER YET JUST THROUGH IT IN THE GARBAGE. LOL, im really not that angry!!


This makes me mad too, especially on my street, people leave branches,tires and other odd things out on the sidewalk, I've wrote 311 Action center about 5 times in one year for illegal dumping, I think instead of charging people money for more trash bags, they should charge people for all the trash they leave outside, that's what makes area's rodent infested, ands they wonder why they have rat's!!! I'm sick of trashy people!!!!


Something tells me David found a McD's wrapper in his yard a few days ago...

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