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March 23, 2009

P&L District dress code

Let’s put the dress code for Power & Light District to rest once and for all. People who have pride and esteem for themselves will automatically dress properly for any occasion. Then you have people with no pride or esteem about themselves or their homes, and they dress accordingly. They don’t care if they look like a freak from a sideshow or something the cat dragged in.

I don’t like being around these uncouth people any more than you do, but they are here to stay. Since this is a free society, we are forced to tolerate them. If these uncouth people have the money for a ticket to any public event, we have no choice but to let them go. That is the price of freedom.

J.E. Hart
Overland Park

Have you forgotten what happened at Indian Springs and Bannister malls? Certain groups took over and ran the good people away, be they white, black or brown. When there are no rules, this happens.

Leave the Power & Light District alone. They have the right to certain codes and the right to refuse service. Bans can hurt businesses. Remember smoking?

Leave the business people alone. The City Council should take care of the city — streets, sidewalks and trash pickup.

Larry Brown
Prairie Village



I dont understand why people are so worried about other people. About how they dress?! hello...has anyone heard of freedom. I think it may have went out the window a long time ago. People should be able to do whatever they like and say whatever they want to say, but when we have people who like to make decisions for everyone we lose our freedom. If people werent so judgmental more people would have an open mind about everything. not everyone who dresses like a "gangster" or "punk" or "rocker" or whatever they may dress like besides what people consider "normal" does something wrong. Maybe they just like that style. Apparently alot of people do like the thousands of styles out there otherwise we wouldnt have that style in our society today. I'm so sick of everyone trying to change what people can and cant do. Get over the petty crap and start paying attention to the people who actually do something wrong.


No worries, my skin is thicker than that. They do not even realize that where my roots orginate from we do not serve egg rolls, however Sol may want to keep his dog on a short leash! And the pther SF Rica-Roni treat may want to sign up at his local Tae Know Do dojo and take osome lessons on how to get KO'd with spme level of dignity.
We take pride (my family) in not participating in the victimology indoctrination nor social welfare mongering. We do not need a labor union to hold our binky for us, nor some government lawyer dipstick to hand us a free $1000 we did not earn. All the name calling, fingerpointing and advocating deadbeat ex-wife's that mooch and abuse the welfare system will not change a thing. Neother one of those clowns would want to contend with me face to face.

Roger Lambert

Solomon and Pub 17 sound like a couple of standard, good ole boys to me. "Numba won son" ... "little pho boy" ... "bring me a lettuce roll."

Sounds like you guys have a ton of practice at this stuff.


Solomon, though I usually agree with your comments, it bothers me to see an Asian referred to as 'numba one son'. That's a racial reference, and if you want to show him disrespect, I don't see why you have to bring his race into it.
Posted by: TinaMcG | Jan 11, 2009 4:58:04 PM

Don't bother reporting 'numba won son,' thats how I actually started on this blog long ago and he's never been banned.
Posted by: solomon | Jan 11, 2009 3:01:16 PM


Hahahahahahaa little pho boy got hammered by his ex-, still whines about it twenty years later. Get a life, little pho boy. Or at least bring me a couple of lettuce rolls, hurry now, don't make me impatient.

Posted by: Pub 17 | Feb 23, 2009 11:17:52 AM


Fairness? Define fairness.
Is it fair that some people get their jobs, promotions, receive government benfits or voted into a public office STRICTLYT on the basis of their skin color, gender or marital status? It's never biased when derogatory remarks are made about caucasians or fathers.


Granted ultra-sagging pants, big brimmed ball caps cocked sideways, $150 Nikes, neck chians made from 3" gold plated wire rope with 12" diameter medallions, multi-knuckle rings and the latest Blackberry (is that racist too?) should not be directed as a generalization as that seems to be a norm for the ignorant hip hop mentality and fashion statements of modern society, whether it be inner city/urban, wannabe white kids from the suburbs, chicano, asian or Kumar, it all reflects the same social dismay. Everybody thinks being "gangsta" is some how impressive. I say let people wear what they want and let establishments govern the right to not service whimever they choose. It's only racist if a caucasian implys it, anyone else and it is perfectly acceptable. As for being offensive of Mrs. O, she makes many offensive statements as well as actyually fostering and hosting racist history sessions as it was reported.



Distort my use of "numba won sun" all you want, everybody here that day knows what was going on. We also recall you not at all being offended by NMMNG calling Mrs Obama the "first ho". Why was that Roger?

We still don't know what you discuss with the folks you volunteer with that your peers here consider race pimps and hustlers. Nor have you explained why you agree that the NAACP is a racist hate group.

Answer to those plainly, please.

Keith Williams3

Hey the last thing I want to do is start this race thing but deep down we all know its there. We all have either said something that is or boarder line racist, its unfortunate but it happens. I just wanted that J.E.Hart guy to know that when you start labeling people it opens the door to evil thoughts lol.

Roger Lambert

jazz-Man, watch out for Solomon. Of all the posters here, only Solomon has made overt racist remarks about racial minorities, including doing his best to run off Asian posters by calling them "numba won san" and "pho boy."

So be forewarned. He's very eager to go there.


I still want to know what ol' Roger discusses with the folks he volunteers with who his peers call hate mongers, racist hustlers and pimps while he sits by and doesn't object.

Keith Williams3

Ok, so I do understand what Goodwins law is and I also know that two wrongs dont make a right. I also know that said person above labled certain people uncouth, so tell me; is that not Un-American?

J.E. Hart have a heart!!

Roger Lambert

Ok, I read "clan member" and stopped reading. Godwin's Law saved me some time today.

Keith Williams3

Can you say Clan member?

If traveling in space just shut down for ever will you blame on Robert H. Lawrence? Get real, Oh and by the way they have a white trash party at the P&l District, once again a contradiction of their policies.

uncouth people? My fault, sorry wees black folk aren't on your level masa!! These people are humans with a style that is copied all over the world. No you shouldn't go somewhere with your ass showing, but with that said the style that theses people as you call them are partaking in a style and to discriminate against that is wrong.

Our views are going to be different in many ways just because we are looking at them from two very different cultural outlooks. I wear Tims as a fashion statement and in the black community they are very fashionable. We wear them to stand out, look good, impress, or just because we like them; oh and they come many different colors to style with out clothing. Cow boy boots are done the same way in many cases but my question is if ever they opened up an urban style bar/club that caters to urban style would they still enforce a ban on that type of gear?

Not to say its ok to have droopy draws and oversized T-'s pass your knees but the GQ, SeanJean, Ecco Unlimited Urban style that people of all colors and creed sport, would they allow it? I run a foundation and I deal with drug dealers, street hard core bangers all the time and in-order for me to get results that I seek I have to put my self on their level and almost ghost them, that means I have to damn near enter into their world to understand the mentality. I don’t know if its necessary to do that in this case but I do think it’s important to know that we are all different at views, life style, food, and many other things. Judgment of ones dress to say he’s a “thug” or dresses like one is a bias mentality; its so easy to say go somewhere else if you don’t like the way someone dresses, its easy to say the owner has the right to refuse. At least in the 60's’ they let us go to the back door and eat (ok bad joke) sorry.

I believe that we as black men and women argue about this because it has been the same type of argument for more than 60 years. Still bias views in America. We have come a long way and I hear my white friends make jokes about Obama; they say Obama won so why can’t black people shut up. Well its cartoons like the cops shooting the monkey and saying now someone else will have to write the next stimulus package, comments like Dem some nappy headed hoes, comments like there we go a another OJ attacking another white woman(the chip that ate the ladies face). These are the things that are put out in the media for everyone to see like its no problem. I don’t understand that when they know there will be uproar of protest. These are the things that take us back 40 years. Its an everybody problem and it has to change sometime.

I cant make people change their minds about this dress code thing but I can make them aware of the reason we argue this issue; its simply about fairness and awareness and compareness (is that a word lol). Ok I’m done :>)

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