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March 13, 2009

P&L dress code

The argument between the Cordish Co. and our dysfunctional City Council over the Power & Light District dress code has degraded to the point of ridiculous. As a business owner myself, it is my prerogative to set the standards for my business. I have a simple solution to put and end to this problem. I will call it a field trip of sorts.

The Cordish Co. should rent a bus, load the City Council on board (I would also include that other dysfunctional entity known as the school board) and take the bus and park it in front of any inner city high school - next to the patrol cars - when classes are let out in the afternoon.

Then I would pose these questions: Is this what you want the Power & Light District to look like on weekend nights? Have you forgotten why people stopped going to Westport and Bannister Mall?

Stop giving us the politically correct line about "stereotyping." The "gangsta rapper look" is permeating our society. Because the line between who is real and who is not is blurry, Cordish is entitled to err on the side of caution to protect its business model and patrons.

Ricci Ballesteros
Kansas City

Hurrah for the dress code at the Power & Light District! How nice to see everyone dressed up.

To code naysayers, it is true the style of dress prohibited by the code was popularized by black youths and gang and prison culture. But now youths and young adults of all colors have adopted this dress as their own.

Just go to any public venue with no dress code, and you'll get to see kids who can't walk without holding up their pants. And you'll be treated to a display of their boxers. And guess what? They are all races. This is a fashion trend that people of all backgrounds hope will soon run its course.

Please wear work clothes to work and play clothes to play, and dress up to go out for a night on the town. And get a belt so I don't have to see your drawers.

Greg Ewing
Lee's Summit



The dress code contradicts itself, it says you can wear a t-shirt as long as its not white; oh wait you can wear a white t-shirt as long as its not plain white (in very small almost invisible letters LIKE THE THUGS WEAR IN THE HOOD):>O

if I complained about tight jeans and corny sayings on T-shirts, cowboy hats, Abercrombie gear I would sound real stupid because I dont wear that stuff and its just not my style so its really no concern of mine. My style is more Urban, GQ with a flare of Hip-Hop, the same style that is worn all over the world by people of all colors. The point of a dress code is to keep a certain flare to the style of atmosphere you want to have. If your place is upscale then you have an upscale dress code. If it is sports bar, then go with the sports casual look dress code. The contradiction comes when you allow some T's vs White-T's all because you labeled people who wear them "Thugs"

Should pants be sagging off your butt; No, But with the Hip-Hop style the pants and shorts are made with low cut pockets therefore it has a certain look to them and the pants will be up on your waist where they are suppose to be. I agree that you should dress for the occasion but to say your style is not acceptable just because you labeled it thugish is just not right because I guarantee you there are more people wearing that style/trend that have 9-5 jobs, college kids, activist, golfers, artist........... than there is "THUGS".

I told a story of Brooksider on another blog and this past weekend I figure I will give it another try. Had on a Rocawear button down 80 dollar shirt, nice casual but trendy and looked more dressy than all the t-shitrs and green paddies wear that everyone else was wearing. Walked up to the back gate and the bouncer looked at me and asked the other bouncer. What about his shirt and shoes? He said it looks good to me but the fact that I he had to question my attire when I was business casual and dressed more upscale that most people there makes you think racism even when you never use it as an excuse. I dont think it was but I do think I'm always going to be a cultural target paying for every mistake that the so called "THUGS" make. If you dont wear it cool but label some one who does.


medic - you don't understand. It's racist because one of Solomon's friends (who I assume is black) was denied entry when he wore low-rise work boots to the P&L.
I guess only white people should have to abide by the code.


people who are that upset about the p&l dress code are whiners....
"it's, racist! it's racist! waa waa!"

have you read the dress code? it's completely benign.....

if you think THAT'S racism ....you are PATHETIC!
jeeeez get a life people!

Roger Lambert

Maybe the P&L should adopt the same dress code as those racists who run the KCMO schools.


Excellent point, putkidsfirst, they wear uniforms, but Ricci thought she could slip in what she really wanted to say. Her Westport and Bannister Mall comment says it all ("they" took it from us).

Why do people continue to say this ban is about people with their pants around their ass when it goes far beyond that?


Ricci, if you actually took your own advice and went to one of those "inner city" high schools at dismissal you would see that the kids wear uniforms. Of course that would involve a trip to the "inner city" and I can only imagine how frightened you must be of doing doing that.

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