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March 09, 2009

P&L dress code

In the article “Dress code dramatics; Meeting on a proposed law featured an official waving underwear, heated words and an abrupt end to the session”(3/5, Local), it seems plain why Kansas City is becoming a town no one wants to visit, let alone live in.

The paper’s main Local section headline is about the City Council wasting time on idiotic (and apparently uncivil) debate about whether a business’s dress code discriminates. Don’t they have bigger issues to deal with? Are these council members actually paid to waste time and further their agendas, be they race-baiting or people’s “feelings” if they know a dress code but show up to force themselves into a business anyway? Let’s call them Nero Council members instead of City, because they apparently don’t care if their city is burning.

Let’s try to kill the Power & Light District — the only real development in Kansas City in the last 10 years and one of the only reasons I visit downtown.

David Nuelle
Columbia, Mo.

Keeping people out of the Power & Light District is probably not what the Cordish Co. would want to do, being a customer-driven enterprise. I agree that proper dress does make the place look better and somewhat regulates who goes there.

The Kansas City Symphony would probably like to establish a dress code, too. However we see people in shorts, flip-flops, athletic shoes, jeans and garden work clothes going and enjoying the music. It would be sad to make them go away to get dressed better to do that. I just wish that people in the community would at least acknowledge they are in public and have some pride of self to dress appropriately for the occasion. Will they still do that when they go to the new Performing Arts Center?

Clothing does not have to be couture, but appropriate. If the baggy pants are not revealing, then knock it off with the regulations. Jewelry is a fashion statement, and innocence until a law is broken should be the rule. And what’s this about white T-shirts?

Evelyn Childers
Kansas City



The dreaded EDITED BY MODERATOR strikes again. Please just insert your favorite word to describe BuddyT and/or Roger Lambert and my post will stand on its merits.

These guys would criticize a conversation of race if it doesn't support their view. Not quite a conversation then, is it?


Roger Lambert,

Your insults are meaningless, and somehow I doubt the level of sophistication you show here is an anomaly.

People like you and BuddyT who speak of the "race card" are usually people who get your opinions from talk show hosts and right leaning columnists. Please define what exactly the "race card" is and tell me how pointing out where it is discriminatory to apply a code to neat, clean and pressed individuals is an application of it. It is a known fact that things like this dress code have been instituted around the nation for the same purpose. For you, an amateur educator, to approve of a ban that judges whether someone is acceptable based on the cut of their clothing is pitiful.

And please, don't come back with the gangbanger and thug thing, that is not what the issue is about.

If you'd like to have an intelligent conversation of this I'd enjoy it. If you are going to be an [EDITED BY MODERATOR] like in your last post don't bother.


Whenever I see kids dressed like that, I want to do what my granny would have done. Gone up to them, smacked them in the back of the head, and tell them to straighten up and act right. We might try that approach.

Roger Lambert

"In high School I learned the principle of Occam's razor. Apply it here, use evidence from our area and around the nation at it should be obvious."

I have noticed that you use Occam's Race Card often on these boards.

It doesn't take a great deal of mental sophistication to tell the difference between discriminating for skin color vs. discriminating for clothes.


I find it truly amazing that after all the comments made by me and others here that people are saying this is about wannabe thugs and gangbangers. Everyone who has spoken here has been against sloppy bandana wearing individuals of all races.


..."AND it should be obvious".


After saying it is not about race, Roger Lambert says..."I do wonder, however, why such a dress code is necessary in the P&L in the first case."

In high School I learned the principle of Occam's razor. Apply it here, use evidence from our area and around the nation at it should be obvious.


Roger Lambert,

BuddyT has said here many times that conversations about race should have ended in 1968. Please be current before being critical.


Right, and the only time you discuss race its to call community activists "race pimps" or "race hustlers", or to say someone is playing the "race card". You live the white "race card" [EDITED BY MODERATOR].

Roger Lambert

Comparing an anti-gangbanger dress code in the P&L with 1968 must win some kind of award for bad taste.

Nobody, least of all parents, are doing these kids any favors by encouraging this kind of dress.

Roger Lambert

I agree with the letter that the city council is fiddling while the city burns. Surely they have more important issue to tackle than this one.

I also disagree with the foolish argument that having a dress code is racist. Unless, of course, people of a certain race are required to wear a race uniform, it's an absurd argument. It's another case of defining deviancy down, and it's not helpful to have city leaders spend time and energy defending the right of young people to dress like thugs and gang bangers.

I do wonder, however, why such a dress code is necessary in the P&L in the first place. To my knowlege neither the Plaza nor Leawood Town Center has a dress code.


Wait, who would be stupid enough to build a bazillion dollar arena without an anchor tenant?

Stifled Freedom

KC manages to screw up and loose about every good thing they have ever had.




Flight attendant training center....gone.

We used to know for good steaks. Now, Texas Roadhouse (a franchise) is the best bargain. Most all the old family owned restaruants are gone.

Westport is a just memory of a party place. KC police surrounded it with soberiety checkpoints every weekend to drive it out.....which is all fine and good to prevent drunk divers, but I dont think they ever do that around the P&L district.

I wasn't aware until recently that KC had a garment district. WOW, that is long gone.

Anybody else want to add to the list of gones?

They are working hard to screw up this P&L district....and they will.


I would bet my last fifty cents that you would cast your opinion on ANY thread that is directly or indirectly about "race". It is like a knee-jerk reflex for you Race Card, hell you just can't help yourself!


Hey stupid, this thread is about race.

Don't know why you bothered to post, its not 1968 anymore.


Chaching! RC plays the RC again! Chaching!



If a person was to suggest that because the Symphony does not attract young African Americans and therefore there is no need for a dress code to make white people feel safe would that be racist?

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