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March 14, 2009

Presidential reflection

Now that President Obama has "redecorated" the Oval Office and returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the British, perhaps in its place he will hang a mirror.

Paul M. Klein II



Would you please quote where I have used "daily nicknames and baseless ridicule that comes from sour grapes. Calling the president names daily..." Since he has been president I have not called him any names or used any nicknames for him. Not that there isn't any reason that one should not feel free to use nicknames. I have attacked some of his aims and objectives because I believe they are greatly to the detrement of the country. I have decried his and his Adninistration's attemped and blatant use of the current economic problems to slip through some of their social agenda without debate or discussion. And once again I assert that you are much more active in the support of Obama than you ever were of Bush. You did decry the insults to Bush in posts but you never wrote any post specifically and only to cide someone for making comments about Bish. Not that you don't have every right to be an Obama supporter. However you can't be both that and the self professed neutral you are always assuring us you are.


hey Pub, if your out there.

Beautiful Lincoln. The cloth was redonein a camel brocade like i had never seen. The car is white and ran along 71 an 44 smooth as silk. Didn't buy it though, I think I'll go ahead and locate a 75 or 76 Eldorado convertible like my first impulse was.


Roger Lambert quoting GCYL.....

now that's funny!

I remember that conversation and I pointed out where to find a quote numerous times, by date and thread, but because I would not cut, paste or type where it came from GC went on and on.

I rarely ever forget a conversation Roger....

Now, do the underprivileged children you tutor and community volunteers side by side with you know you sit by while people he denigrate them, and do you also sit by in other aspects of your life?

Roger Lambert

Speaking of racism..."solomon" and side-kick Pub 17 in action:

OK, "phô boy."

Posted by: Pub 17 | Jan 11, 2009 8:57:04 PM

Solomon, though I usually agree with your comments, it bothers me to see an Asian referred to as 'numba one son'. That's a racial reference, and if you want to show him disrespect, I don't see why you have to bring his race into it.

Posted by: TinaMcG | Jan 11, 2009 4:58:04 PM


Don't bother reporting numba won son, thats how I actually started on this blog long ago and he's never been banned.

Posted by: solomon | Jan 11, 2009 3:01:16 PM



For it to have been a "liar exchange" I would have had to have called the guy a liar.(If Roger is really a guy, I have my doubts) I'm not going to go back and count them but I think he called me a liar 4 or 5 times and I did not call him a liar once. He also called me a troll a few times.

All because I said he sides with the reprehensible BuddyT. Any chance he'll answer whether the people he volunteers with and the children he tutors know he listens to and doesn't object to that crap?

On to the point of your post, you will never see me take issue with a criticism such as yours of a policy direction Obama is embarking on. Not my style, a President makes a decision and its fair game. Name calling and insinuation concerning the President I consider BS, did before and still do. It just seems to stand out more because in this Bizzaro universe my friends who considered such talk terrible, unpatriotic and hatefully petty are engaging in it right before my eyes.

Roger Lambert

This sounds familiar:

"Still no direct quote of me supporting skin color as a determinate for being a good or a bad person. You’re a liar solomon but it’s a natural fit with your typical Shout Down Name Calling.
Posted by: GCYL | Oct 22, 2008 1:38:18 PM

Smarter Than You


The previous missive was written before the "liar" exchange. I stand corrected. Light 'em up.
(I think you were a little hard on Mr. Klein and Kate, though).

Smarter Than You

Sol (and others):

In the words of Sgt. Hulka, “Lighten up, Francis.”

There are those of us who have issues over policy with this administration, issues with the lies of “change”, issues with cabinet choices, etc. Do you really believe any opposition should just kowtow to this guy because he “won?” Not too enlightened, mi amigo.

I disagree with closing Gitmo since he’s not changing the policy of holding “enemy combatants” without charges. It’s a PR move, not a policy change. Of course, the fact they’re no longer “enemy combatants” any more makes their incarceration palatable.

I disagree with the stimulus packages from a historical economic standpoint. Volker’s got a history of poor economic decisions.

I disagree with several of his cabinet choices (who knew the position wasn’t tax-optional).

This list could be continued, but you get the point. So maybe instead of being thin-skinned over some innocuous barbs you should concentrate on actual policy issues. That is if you want to claim the credibility to be disappointed by anyone’s comment.

Roger Lambert


Roger Lambert

"Solomon", prove your smear, or go troll elsewhere.


Prove what I said? Are you really that screwed up? BuddyT comes in consistently with the type of comments I am speaking of and you have never taken him to task, and you have agreed with him publicly on issues.

You want to play some stupid game and call me a liar, fine? When have you ever taken issue with anyone saying a negative concerning a minority? Short game because we both know the answer.



Do you tell the minority volunteers and children you work with that you are tolerant of people saying disparaging things about blacks in general and President Obama in specific?

Answer that one truthfully please.

Roger Lambert

Prove what you said, you liar.


Wow Roger, defensive today? What i am saying is that you'll come in here and agree with things other individuals who express hateful sentiments in the spirit of party unity. Personally, if a person is a piece of crap in any aspect of their humane or political philosophies I avoid them like the plague. More than once you have considered BuddyT your political bedmate.

As far as you calling me a liar and an Obama supporter, you as usual are clueless. I am an American citizen who is a patriot and not a piss ant follower such as yourself.

Roger Lambert

Looks like the liar ran away.

How funny that "solomon" comes here to whine about those who criticize Obama, and then spends most of his time lying and smearing others.

Typical Obama poster.

Roger Lambert

Well, you're a liar anyway. But I still want to show you've got your pants down on your latest smear. Liar.

Roger Lambert

"He'll come in here and agree with people who consider the NAACP a hate group and activists seeking funds for their communities "hustlers" and "pimps"."

Prove it. Or you're a Liar.


Roger is a great example of the pismire. He'll come in here and agree with people who consider the NAACP a hate group and activists seeking funds for their communities "hustlers" and "pimps".

All in the name of political solidarity.



You earned every Obamashot you were ever awarded. I felt Clint Eastwood should have gotten recognition for Gran Torino, you know how judges are.



I do find myself commenting about what to me are stupid childish insults from ordinarily mature and sensible people. I expect pointless and ugly insults from BuddyT and the like, but not from you and Kate. Maybe its because by the time I started visiting here the lines were firmly established, but I know I corrected people who said W was dumb, corrupt, that he stole the election in 2000 and most recently that he was the worst president of all time.

To me, this new administration from the very outset was judged a failure and people like yourself and Kate who are good contributors are now failed comics with daily nicknames and baseless ridicule that comes from sour grapes. Calling the president names daily makes you no better than the folks you criticized everyday last year.

Think about this Engineer, a multitude of people who are going to benefit from the Obama tax policies are parroting what Rush or some other right wing yahoo who is going to pay more taxes is telling them is right for America. I hate to see you as one of the pismire's.

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