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March 24, 2009

Pro-Con Obama

Give Obama a chance

Unfortunately, playing the role of contrarian or being an armchair quarterback seems to be what the Republicans and some conservative Democrats have to offer. President Obama has gone to great care to devise a plan to get us out of this mess. He is willing and has listened to experts on all sides and of all opinions. The situation he inherited is complex and cannot be resoled with the snap of a finger.

What Obama is doing may or may not work, as he says, but the alternative is sure disaster. Many small issues like the AIG bonuses, which are being debated ad nauseam, distract from the core issue — but the overall budget bill is much needed. I urge each of us to contact our congressmen and ask them to support this bill.

When our crisis is resolved, we can go back to the fun and games of partisanship, or maybe we will see some benefits in being a United States.

Barbara Alley

Obama’s blunder

Barack Obama’s gaffe on the Leno show about the Special Olympics is just a result of the one shortcoming we all knew — inexperience. I also think it comes from being in the company of the master of gaffes, Vice President Joe Biden.

“Stand up, Chuck,” Biden shouted to the fellow in the wheelchair.

Steve Katz



Yes we can!

shhhhh on steve.

Smarter Than You

Ah, the classics: Tony Bennett crooning “I Left My Heart”, the Beatles doing "Hey Jude" and Jimbo wailing “What About Bush!”

Here’s the deal; Obama is the president, not Bush. Using what Bush did as justification to do further harm doesn’t much meet the definition of “change.”


Bush made bad decisions as well. What got in this mess to begin with is greed at all levels, consumers KNOWINGLY putting themselves in debt and upside down in real estate along woth lenders, realtors and appraiser all enjoying the ride. Well that ride came to an end. So which is it? YOu want affordable housing (lower values) or do you want increasing real estate value which means more expensive housing. You can't have it both ways. AGAIN! 90% of us ARE PAYING LIKE WE ALWAYS HAVE! No bailouts for anyone. If you don't like minimum wage, then do something about it. If being a single parent is sooooooooo tough then don't be a single parent. If this country is soooo bad and oppresive, move to France.


Where was this challenge when it came to Bush's $1.3 trillion deficit? Or when it came to the GOP doubling the national debt? Where was this concern for so-called honest accounting when the wars were being kept off the budget?

Oh. Right. I forgot. It's okay if you're a Republican. Fund anything of actual use to Americans, though, and you have to move mountains to pay for it, regardless of the mess you've been left by the last guy.

Smarter Than You

Obama is running the country in much the same manner as AIG execs. Who cares if the money isn’t in the system or that it’s teetering on bankruptcy, it’s what the Chief Exec wants and it’s what his cabal demands.

Simple challenge for the Dems: Before you can add new programs, provide funding for the existing entitlements. Not the cooked book Clintonian “balanced budget” but actual solvency. That would be change.


The crisis of 10% of the population being shoved down our throats. It is nothing more than a welfare frenzy, enterprise and individual. Bail no one out and let the cards fall as they warrant. This etnrei fiasco has been inflated. I base my opinion on what I SEE not what the media or so called "experts" tell us. How can people afford ANY entertainment, eating our or anyhting expcet for fundamental basics if EVERYONE is so broke? I do not buy it, it's 100% bogus and not true. On the other hand, Barbara lives in Leawood and I would bet in a house that is excessive in price.



I'm speaking of a clip I heard listening to a replay of Rush while driving early Saturday morning of Biden saying stand up.


...or not http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/mar2009/db2009034_117651.htm


Maybe they should shutdown Las Vegas, professional sports and casinos in general since supposedly everyone is broke, every American family is struggling to pay their bills.....I find this amusing as Las Vegas as several of my close associates explained LV was robustly crowded during the March Madness, the streets and casinos were packed, the Deuce had to turn people away, however it was truly entertaining to hear about the droves of broke, pverty stricken people spending thousands of dollars on entertainment suppoosedly when EVERYONE in America is broke. 90% of the market paying their mortgages indicates EVERYONE is in poverty. If only we could live at the standard they do in Somalia or Uzbekistan, how grand that would be.


PLan on getting us out of this mess? Let's see. Greed motivated consumers, politicians and real estate industry all knowingly contributed to the majority of the problem, yet they are the ones being rewarded, not punished. Obama's plan is to do nothing more than attach government, recurring social dependency programs and special interest pork, no dofferent from Washington of the past as part of his plan. Writing checks without having to be responisble for the funds is not genius. It wasn't genius when Bush did it and it's not fundementally different now. Entitlements will not fix what has happened.


I'm rolling my eyes at Steve's supposed "proof" of some deadly inexperience on Obama's part. I'm guessing he rolled his eyes every time someone pointed to one of Bush's flubs as proof that he didn't know what he was doing, either. If that's the best people like Steve can do, then Obama has nothing to worry about.


"...remarking on the quote Rush ran with last Friday."

I don't listen to Rush, but I'm assuming you are referring to the "Special Olympics" comment Obama made and not the "Stand Up Chuck" one by Biden.

If so, let's be fair here, almost EVERY news agency had a story on the gaffe, not just Rush. It made the news because it was an unfortunate blunder, the "victim" had a sense of humor about it (multiple 300 games, geez, I'm lucky to hit 150), and generally, it was a sort of "feel good" piece.

Every public personality will make these kids of mistakes every so often. Bush made his share (and arguably more than that, the same of which could be said for Biden). The alternative is to speak so rigidly that you never really "communicate" with your audience or, as Obama has figured out quickly, use a teleprompter whenever possible to reduce the chance of these types of things happening.

It takes a partisan hack, on either side, to equate these types of flubs with some sort of serious lack of intelligence or character.


Steve is seemingly a Rush fan, remarking on the quote Rush ran with last Friday.


We are now in the third month of the second Jimmy Carter administration........God help us. Is it 2012 yet?



Keith Williams3

I don't know about you but I am ready to invest in America (more). Hell I had to take a pay cut due to the economy so what ever it takes to get us back on track. Yes it will cost the future generations money but we have been paying for stimulus, wars and bail outs as far as I can remember. The difference is Obama has a plan and is taking action like never before like it or not. Some republicans are afraid to embrace it fully not because it wont work but because its all political and when election time comes around they don't want to see a Dem or Independent get elected.

I know everything is political but when do we put America first and stop wining? Everyone is saying enough is enough now that Obama was elected but that should have been done back when Bush was in office.


"When our crisis is resolved,..."

To be sure, Obama has been subjected to unfair criticism and unrealistic expectations by some since taking office. In many instances, he hasn't been given the chance to actually propose action before being criticized and ridiculed for his "perceived" beliefs. All recent presidents have been subjected to the same sort of preconceived bias by those on the opposite end of the political spectrum, and it is never right.

However, using the current economic crisis as some sort of blank check for his administration to try whatever it wants without REASONABLE debate and scrutiny is wrong. In my mind, it's this sort of "don't question, just follow" mentality that has compounded the problems we face, not solved them.

Keith Williams3

Obama is putting himself and yes America on the line but hes trying; flip the script and the same thing will happen to a Republican so its a win loose situation. You don't have to agree, you may not have voted for him but hes the President and he has been successful in his life so I say give him a chance.

Keith Williams3

Obama is putting himself and yes America on the line but hes trying; flip the script and the same thing will happen to a Republican so its a win loose situation. You don't have to agree, you may not have voted for him but hes the President and he has been successful in his life so I say give him a chance.


If people could read them, what would be the point. Then they couldn't slip all the junk they want to pass the proper channels. Talk about a Dictatorship.

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