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March 10, 2009

Ramseyer served JoCo voters

Bob Ramseyer’s obituary (3/8, Local) did not mention his involvement with Johnson County elections. He was, by far, one of the most dedicated citizens serving the residents of Johnson County on election days. He served many years as a supervising judge for every election until last year when he began chemo treatments. He deeply regretted missing the recent presidential election.

Jokingly, Bob was the “self-appointed” president of the nonexistent JCEWU (Jo Co Election Workers Union).

Johnson County is extremely fortunate to have many devoted election workers following the example set forth by Bob. We hope his legacy will continue to thrive as voters continue to express their democratic freedom at the polls.

Whether appropriate or ironic, Bob died on Tuesday, March 3 — Election Day in Johnson County. We will definitely miss him and will always remember his fun-loving personality.

Tom Ray
Election director of voting locations and staffing
Johnson County Election Office


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