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March 12, 2009

Republicans didn’t appreciate Bush

My last letter from Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee states that Republicans “failed you on bailouts, spending, immigration and so much more.” It says Americans expect Republicans to “cut taxes, create jobs, defend this nation, put strong judges in our courts, shrink Washington’s power and let individuals run their own lives.”

George W. Bush was such a president, but the hateful media rhetoric blinded many Americans. The constant chant “distance yourself from Bush” put Republican candidates in peril and resulted in a Democratic victory and much change.

Bush propelled our nation to higher ethical standards, more cooperative attitudes, respect for everyone including political opposition and genuine honesty.

We do not know the strength of a person until they are gone.

James F. Westhues
Overland Park



It is my understanding that Fitzgerald learned about Armitage very early in the investigation, actually before any formal testimony was taken. Just why the investigation was not called off at that point has never been explained.
I don't see Libby as a hero, I do see him as the unfortunate victim of a witch hunt that ruined his life and impoverished him.



I believe Fitzgerald learned about Armitage during that investigation, not before it. Could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that's how it went. And some time during the investigation, Libby obstructed the investigation and lied under oath.

When Bill Clinton lied under oath during an investigation that was most likely out of the prosecutor's purview, that was considered a high crime deserving of impeachment. When Libby does the same and more (Clinton didn't try to obstruct the investigation), he's considered a hero to you. That makes no sense.


You proved my point. Libby was convicted of charges that arose from an investigation to find out something that the prosecutor already knew. If there had been ni investigation there would have been no basis fir the charges as the "violations" occurred during the investigation. If Plame had already been identified why would there be a "conspiracy to identify her"? And as I said, there was never any possibility of convicting anyone under the law the violation of which was the supposed base of the trial. That law is written in an extremely narrow way.


I guess you're right Marctnts, but she/he/it gives a fella a great soap box to jump on.


"In other words the trial was a WITCH HUNT pure and simple, trying to create guilt where none existed and succeeding."

Not true, Eng. It's been established that Armitage was the person who mentioned (or "leaked") Plame's identity to Robert Novak. That is the famous "leak" that started all of this.

Libby was not convicted or even accused of that by Fitzgerald. Libby was convicted of trying to obstruct the investigation and of lying under oath in connection to that investigation.

You say this was a partisan witch hunt, but Libby was convicted by a jury, not by the prosecutor or judge. The conspiracy against him would have to be enormous. The jury also found him not guilty of another charge of lying under oath, so to say they were out to get him is a bit of a stretch.



Whoever "Harriet" really is, they are goofing around. You can tell by the satirical tone of the posts.


The party-line disconnect from reality in this letter almost reaches Mark Robertson proportions.


"Bush propelled our nation to higher ethical standards, more cooperative attitudes, respect for everyone including political opposition and genuine honesty ..."

... by putting Democrats back in the White House and into [slim] Congressional majorities. Who would have ever thought that Bush's most dazzling successes would come after he left for Dallas/Crawford?

I can't wait to hear Westhues/Sy Hersh explain more of how "Bush/Cheney protected the Constitution with roaming global execution squads".

I guess you can put lipstick on a pig.


First, Libby did not "out" Plame and that was not the charge of which he was convicted. Second, he was no longer a member of the White House staff.
Bush greatly disappointed me by not pardoning Libby and by not pardoning the two Border Patrol Agents. The entire Plame thing was hard to understand. The law under which the investigation was conducted is so narrow that it was always obvious that it had not been violated. Stranger still, the prosecutor knew all the time who had first told reporters she worked at Langley, but proceeded as if this was what he was trying to find out. In other words the trial was a WITCH HUNT pure and simple, trying to create guilt where none existed and succeeding.
Your example of wrong doing by Bush, however, is as fully accurate as the vast majority of such charges appearing in The Star and on this blog.


I voted for Bush twice, but this letter even gave me a pretty good laugh.


,,,"and I don't want to hear otherwise'...

Well tough titty toots, all women that are prostitutes are not victims. The worlds oldest profession is just that, a profession. You would judge and condemn the actions of women and men that have been essential to every culture in the history of the world. The fact that you feel you have human nature figured out disregarding all evidence shows what a conceited individual your are. Are some women victimized in prostitution? Sure they are. Are you a hypocrite to defend a woman's right to abort her baby but not sell her acts for money? Sure you are.


I gotta know. Is it a regular goofing around with the new "Harriet Harmin" tag, or do we have a new member among us?

At least the satire is getting a little less subtle.


All sex is rape? Man, Harriett, I hope my daughter never takes a class you might be teaching.


I've wondered that myself, Jim. From what I understand, there was a big confrontation between Bush and Cheney when Bush wouldn't do it. There always seems to be more to a story then what we hear.


Armitage was indeed the admitted leaker. I do wonder if there's more to the story, though. If there isn't, why didn't Bush pardon Libby?

Stifled Freedom

Few appreciated Bush because there was little to appreciate.

Bush however did devote millions to ending the slavery and exploitation of women in prostitution. The consent of these women is irrelevent and I dont want to hear otherwise. Modern Women's Studies courses teach us that "all sex is rape" therefore, any sexually active man is a sexual predator and should be casterated.

Bush's views on abortion were deplorable. A woman has that right to choice.


I thought Richard Armitage, who was the leaker, worked in the State Department, not the White House.


Once again ammo humper yo alligator mouth done overloaded your humminbird b-hole. The scooter didn't "out" someone who was in reality alreay "outed" and the special prosecutor knew it all along.....you guys can carry the big lie forever can't you?


My jaw dropped when I read "Bush propelled our nation to higher ethical standards ..."

James Westhues is truly living in Fantasyland. I'll give just one example from Bush's many ethical failures ...

Remember when he said any White House staffer who outed CIA operative Valerie Plame would be fired?

Never happened.

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