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March 08, 2009

Security rules for private jets

In The Star’s  article regarding proposed new security rules for private jets (2/24, A-1, “Security plans rankle Kansans; Private jets would be subject to tougher rules, angering the industry and state lawmakers”), Rep. Todd Tiahrt compared it to searching passengers in a recreational vehicle or passenger car.
I have been to California in both a car and a recreational vehicle, and we were stopped and searched to see if we were bringing any fruit into the state. Although it was a little inconvenient to us, it was necessary, I’m sure, to protect their agriculture.
Isn’t it worth a little hassle and inconvenience (like golf clubs being banned as carry-ons) to minimize the possibility of terrorists using general aviation to attack our country?
If such an attack did occur by terrorists and we did not have the security in place, I imagine that Sens. Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback and Rep. Tiahrt would be the first to blame the Obama administration.
Delores Straub


Stifled Freedom

Its just how much to you want the terrorist to win by sacraficing our freedoms. Searches here....searchers there. Regulations galore. We have a communist state as it is.

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