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March 10, 2009

Sick of silly women

This letter has been brought on by “The Bachelor,” the reunification of Chris Brown and Rihanna and the show “Tool Academy,” among many countless other examples. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of silly women! A few silly women make us all look bad.

From one single woman to others, please consider this advice:

Have some respect for yourself.

Believe that you are worth pursuing and waiting for.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little reserved. It adds to the mystery.

Choose to love a man who loves you.

Believe that there are nice men out there. If you believe this is true, you are less likely to pine away for garbage.

I am an unmarried woman in what is said to be one of the worst cities in America in which to be single. It can be difficult and frustrating, but please, ladies, let’s all grow up and quit being a bunch of whiny clowns.

When we demand more, men will take all of us more seriously.

Shannon French
Kansas City



...whacky...really whacky.....


I'm done humoring you who ever you are. Your argument is full of hate, despair and loneliness. Maybe you should go adopt some black kids in Africa, that seems to make people think they are human.

Stifled Freedom

Mine are winning. I can saddle you with child support for a child that is not yours....by law...in your own state.

I can commit a crime and get a much reduced sentence that you too.

We see it everyday on this site. What about facts dont you understand?


Oh I ask them for a favor alright, and the only way I have been beaten in legal systems & courts is because the child support system isnt made for a man now BOOYA!! Oh do me a favor and get some new asses for you bandwagon they are getting tired!



Stifled Freedom

Jazz, you are already defeated and dont know it. Women's groups have beaten you in the legal system and courts and you continue to pander them for favor. That makes you a fool.

I can call you all this and it still wont matter, you wont be any better organized to protect your rights tomorrow than you are today.

Women will and have joined my bandwagon because there is benefits to them in inequality....just like there has always been benefits to the upper handed from inequality.


Because I don't take your radical views too serious I'm a babbling fool? well I might babble but I will never be defeated by the likes of you. Why should women jump on board of your hatemonger views. Women need men and we need women. case closed !!!

Stifled Freedom

Jazz-man, you are the babbling fool that I speak of that is so easily defeated. You are already defeated. Its just a matter now of claiming our spoils.

Equality is a facade that we use to take your decades of unfairness and put it in our favor.


Harriet very interesting post although it does sound like you want to take over the world. Hey if you can do it I will see you as strong but most will say you are the Antichrist but then you would have to be a man... Ok never mind! well I do believe that we as men and women we are misplaced in our rolls and with out seeming too anti what ever, too many men trying to be women and too many women trying to be men has confused the gender equator! Oh I'm going to get it for saying that :>) but for real I do think we need to im-power each other and not fight so hard to be better or prove we are better than the opposite sex.


lol solomon I game for it!

Stifled Freedom

What a great website Kansas City Star has. I have been reading here for weeks and the potential for women there is staggering here. I can really reach out and touch women in a conservative community and empower them to use the selective attributes of your local conservatism and the world’s liberalism in an alliance to seize what is ours. I have done great work for women in Europe. It is tougher there, but in your community, my work appears to be like taking candy from a baby.

These women that pursue a man are silly from that respect alone. Women really don’t need men. We can procreate with medical assistance. The laws in your state will allow us to harness any man, who is not even the father, for financial support! What a fantastic well that ideological conservatism has left you to draw from.

The time has never been riper for women to take control of destiny and get hold of real power. Men have run the world too long. Men today are incredibly weak politically. It's no secret and it is not going to change. The woman's perspective is the only perspective. Men are not going to get organized to mount any defense even if condescendingly humiliated with that fact. The easiest prey is the one who does not have the will to fight…..or does not realize there is a fight until it’s too late.

Women, as America’s intellectual superiors, we can, through a guise of equality, seize control of America and take this a country for our own. The men are strong physically and they can provide the labor and the protection to make this a system that serves us. It’s almost there now.

Men are hopelessly defeating themselves through ancient rules of chivalry in your community that no longer gain any favor. While there are a few isolated pockets of resistance I see on your website, these are easily defeated by the other men. They will defeat those for us in a futile attempt to gain our favor. We take the food from their mouths and the power from their hands. This leftover chivalry, from your community, can be harnessed, with insurmountable liberalism, to achieve our goals.



Looks like you and Shannon should hook up.


I agree with what you say about women but as a man we do some stupid silly things as well. My issue is women (some of them) hold on to the past and cant let down the guard for the next one. I'm a good catch I think :>) All I want is to do right by a good woman but I have to pay for the beating that the ex gave her ........ WTF? Ladies there are good men out there and if you continue to push away these men you will find your selves in the middle of a lesbian sandwich because of your mind set. (By the way I like lesbians). Give Love a chance and don't be so closed up that you cant Love or even allow your self the opportunity.


Dearest Kate,

Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.


“These shows are empowering!”


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