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March 09, 2009

Smaller prizes but more winners?

I saw a billboard the other day proclaiming the Powerball lottery was at $100 million. I have never purchased a lottery ticket and never will, as the odds of winning are astronomical.

Why not increase the odds so that instead of one person winning $100 million (why the heck would one person require $100 million to make life more comfortable?) 400 people would win $250,000 dollars? I could be pretty comfortable with that amount.

Would I purchase a ticket or two? You betcha.

Ralph Hartner



I agree with you Ralph, although the huge payout is quite an attraction. When the numbers get big the sales increase exponentially. An alternative would be that the purchased tickets would have a consolation drawing for multiple smaller payouts when the jackpot hits a predetermined number, this would be inclusive to the early purchasers who have built the huge jackpot. Of course opinions are plentiful.

Stifled Freedom

Ralph, they dont care if you buy. They have enough suckers already. I wasn't aware that the lottery was in fiscal trouble anyway.


Here's a guy who doesn't play but would if they changed the rules. Sounds like the people who banned smoking in places they'll never go.


Hey Ralph if you are not buying then why are you worried about the payout?

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