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March 14, 2009

Stadiums aren't money makers

When the powers that be were trying to get the voters of Jackson County to approve bonds for the construction of the stadiums, the pitch was that they could be built with revenue bonds. That is, the bonds would be paid off from income from the stadiums and would cost the taxpayers nothing. As icing on the cake, once the bonds were retired, the county taxpayers could expect a tax cut, since the stadiums would then be a source of income for the county.

I knew at the time that this was a lie, and I am not a bit surprised that the stadiums are such a burden to taxpayers. But what does surprise me is the way the taxpayers are suckered in by the politicians time and again.

Way back then, some of my coworkers were telling me how the stadiums would be money makers. I told them that if such projects made money, private investors would build them and would reap the profits. They wouldn't cut lowly taxpayers in on a money-making deal.

Vernon Hales



What are you B i itching about Vern, you live in Kansas, hell those of schmucks who live in Jackson County pony up every December for these losers.....

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