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March 22, 2009

Stop at red lights, cameras or not

Wake up, you airheads out there who think leadfoot driving and speeding to your destination are more important than obeying driving laws and preserving human life. I am speaking of the conflict waging over red-light cameras.

If you are not smart enough to stop for red lights or to loan your car to someone who drives sanely, you deserve to pay the $100 ticket issued. What is a $100 fine compared with the possibility of killing someone by running a red light? We have become a nation of selfish “me-firsts.”

Forget changing the cameras already installed. We should be in favor of these at all lights. We need to stop coddling the wrongdoers.

George W. Smiley
Overland Park



Yellow doens't mean to go either.


mike d,

I think I would have fought the ticket you received, and if you fought it in court and lost that's a damn shame.

As far as going to jail over a traffic violation, that is more abuse of the rights of individuals.

mike d

Not true Sol. In KCMO it is illegal to run a yellow light if the light turns red before you clear the intersection. I have personal knowledge of this. Also, it is wise to keep your mouth shut if you don't live or work in KCMO, because they can take you to jail and make you post bond for a traffic citation if you are not a resident.

Sorry Mr. Smiley, but all citizens have the right to face and cross examine their accuser in a court of law, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. How the hell do you cross-examine a camera?


George is ignoring the fact that it is legal to proceed into an intersection where the light has changed to yellow. There has NEVER been a stipulation that yellow means STOP.

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