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March 05, 2009

‘Straight talk’ from Miami judge

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Spencer Eig should be given a medal instead of rebuke for trying to save a 15-year-old girl’s life and destiny (3/1, A-10, “Judge rebuked for blunt warning; The Florida jurist told a runaway, 15, she could become a ‘toothless, dead crack whore’.“). She had been to hell and back, through no fault of her own, making bad choices due to bad parenting. Judge Eig did her a favor by advising her where she was headed if she landed on the streets.

Judge Eig gave her straight talk, which apparently no one else has. No apology was needed, instead an evaluation of her situation and further assistance were needed.

Chief juvenile judge Cindy Lederman, who apologized to the girl for Judge Eig’s remarks, was wrong. She should have counseled her further on the realities of the life she was choosing and provided her with further social services assistance.

Josephine Byrne




(off thread but please go to our "favorite" thread one more time for a correction)


I've got to admit it, I agree with the letter. The 15 year old runaway got what she needed, a wake-up call that the only difference between the road she was walking down and that of a "toothless crack whore" was a couple of years.


Harsh as it may seem, how many toothless crack whores were allowed to become what they are because no one cared?

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