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March 07, 2009

Support for medical marijuana

As a business owner, homeowner and taxpayer, I feel our taxes are needlessly wasted. Missouri’s law enforcement officers should spend their time focusing on real crime, not wasting resources on arresting and prosecuting marijuana users.

If Missourians have their doctors’ approval they should be able to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest. They should be able to rely on a safe supply of marijuana without having to resort to the dangerous criminal market.

Studies have shown that marijuana relieves debilitating symptoms including nausea, appetite loss and severe pain. The decision of what medicine is best for an illness should be left up to the patient and the doctor, not the government.

This is not a partisan issue. It is a compassion issue. Please show support for Missouri HB 277.

Chris Smith
Kansas City



If people are allowed to grow their own weed, why not let them cook their own meth?

I have no problem with pharmaceutical controlled Marijuana fields being grown to supply prescribed amounts of medicinal marijuana for the cancer patients and others who would benefit.
Just because some people could use it legally doesn't mean we have to blow the door open to massive legal use.


I see your poinbt Sol and I agree. I guess what would seem to be prudent is to allow a ceratin amount be grwon for personal use and then regulate the remainder as enterprise. Enterprise would create private sector and (unfortunately) government jobs. it would offer more tax revenue for the government bureaucrats to wastefully spend but at least we might see a mellowing of society and less speed incudes driving accidents.


I am for the legalization of marijuana but I am against making it a taxable business. I should have the right to grow it right next to my t'maters and peppah's.

Why should i pay taxes on that/


Ask my Ophthalmologist.

To keep Cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are dispensed freely is murderously stupid.


Richard Steeb
San Jose, California


"Dude, where are those Cheetos??"

Bud, you've given me an idea.

If the Kansas legislature were to legalize marijuana and collect a good sized tax on it, there would be a multiplier effect. Ya see...slipped into the legalization bill would be a little earmark, a tax increase on junk food. A Cheetos Tax. And people would happily (or cluelessly) pay it without complaint.


Funny, TinaG, you seem to think the answer to more spedning is more taxation.
While I am for legalization and taxation of marijuana, I believe we must stop spending hundreds of billions on government run programs that have a historical track record of failure and create very few private sector jobs.


My question is will they in turn fund more SCHIP expansion witha Whacky Weed Tax and a program that advocates bong cessation?


Dude, where are those Cheetos??


Some states are seriously considering limited legalization to bring in more tax revenue. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess...and you can bet Kansas and Missouri won't ever get that desperate.


Change we can engage in...

1) Find Missouri Income Stats
2) Sign a Missouri Petition (City or State)
3) Pledge to Support Missouri HB 277

Yes, We Can America:
A) save what’s left of our forests,
B) ease the suffering of chemotherapy patients, and
C) create desperately needed revenue streams for American communities during their time of greatest need.


It's slippery slope time Chris. Doctor assisted suicide (which I am for) is about compassion also.

Let's legalize marijuana for the right reason. People are going to use it legal or not. Keeping it illegal only creates problems. Open up the State Drug Store and get it over with!

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