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March 11, 2009

Time to drop don’t ask-don’t tell

It is time to end this silly don’t ask-don’t tell policy for our troops. There are no problems with homosexual people in the military of other Western countries. This nonsense of making gay people hide who they are and then booting them out if they are accused or found out is just plain wrong.

If they are willing to live and die for all of us, we should give them the same respect and the same rights as all people in the armed services. These are good, loyal Americans. They are no different from anyone else except their senses tell them they are in love with people of the same gender as they are.

We are losing too many good enlisted people and officers due to this silly policy. It’s time we stop this and just accept that not everyone is exactly the same.

We are a mosaic of ideas, cultures and colors. Every piece is just as beautiful as another in this picture of Americans. Let’s not tear this painting apart but enjoy the differences and respect each other, even if we don’t always agree with those differences.

Cheryl Kenter
Blue Springs



Kind of like Mad Libs!



We could use it like a puzzler today. Fill in the comment that in your heart best fits my [EDITED BY CONTRIBUTOR] insertion.

Use first letters of words to keep it tasteful.

The winner gets the porkchop special at Sadrock bbq, a jointly owned Muslim/Jewsih eatery for 50% off.


The guy showed up to have sex with the undercover officer WEARING HIS NAVY UNIFORM. How degenerate can you be?



I re-read your post. I was reacting to your (EDITED) comments as a need to relax a little. Who knows if Buddy is all the things you wanted to say he was, but I know that getting worked up ain't good for you.


"Homesexuals do not belong in uniform, and introducing this into the well performing professional forces we have now would be a huge, huge, mistake."

But I suppose pedophiles are OK, right? What? They don't exist either? You're right Rougy. I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding.




BuddyT never understood that gay people are just people who are gay. He also has said here that he never had sex the entire time he was in Nam. Whenever newbies like Roger Lambert come in here and agree with him I want to list things like the NAACP being a hate group, the NRA being a civil rights group, any concerned black person is a "pimp" or a "hustler"....the list goes on. Let's all remember why he is not BuddyT anymore.



Read my post again. Slowly.


BuddyT once said he never, ever served with a gay person. How he knows this is anyone's guess, but it shows just how far from reality his head is. He reminds me of the president of Iran, who says there are no gay people in his country. Uh, sure.

I served aboard a Trident Submarine for five years, leaving the Navy at the end of my enlistment with an honorable discharge. Many of my shipmates knew I was gay, including superior officers. More than a few told me they didn't care, as long as I knew how to do my job and maintained military bearing. They also said I should expect the same thing from them.

People like BuddyT like to say the military is no place for "social engineering," but that's exactly what the ban and "don't ask/don't tell" are. Those folks obviously are in favor of social engineering when it suits their views.



You need to relax a little, my friend. Present a compelling argument, and if the only thing you get in return are stupid and irrational talking points, move on confident in the knowledge that lack of substantive response is indicative of the strength of your opinion.

Getting that worked up is bad for your health.



You have your head so far up your [EDITED BY CONTRIBUTOR] on this one you can see your heartbeat. There is no reason that a gay individual should not be allowed to serve the country they love, and only a bigoted [EDITED BY CONTRIBUTOR] such as yourself would think otherwise.


"Homosexuals do not belong in uniform,..."

Is it because you think the frilly pink umbrellas will get in the way? Or maybe because it simply wouldn't be a fair fight if our ladies were capable of besting many of the enemies' men? Or maybe because cold nights in the trenches would be a little warmer with someone to snuggle with?

All jesting aside, and irregardless of your personal (moral, social, etc.) views on homosexuality, no convincing argument has been presented as to why homosexuals are capable of serving in the military as long as it's a secret but incapable if someone else "knows".


Cheryl you are a brainless little twit, and a hundred to one you have never served in any branch of the military. Homesexuals do not belong in uniform, and introducing this into the well performing professional forces we have now would be a huge, huge, mistake.

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