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March 28, 2009

Time to tax churches

A solution to Kansas City’s budget problems might be to ask all the churches to pay their fair share of property taxes for the actual space they occupy.

Churches own a lot of land in the U.S. One main cause of our present economic problem is the shrinking of the tax base due to thousands of home foreclosures caused by the subprime mortgage mess. Surely it would be only fair and patriotic for churches to fulfill their function as charities, which gives them tax-exempt status in the first place, to pay taxes for the public good.

Food pantries and homeless shelters are worthwhile enterprises, but helping to maintain infrastructure and services such as the police, ambulances and firefighters, which benefit us all, is surely as important.

Church taxation would not threaten the First Amendment, either, as all religions would be united in their support of the state, not the other way around.

To paraphrase the words of Woody Guthrie, this land is our land. The churches should pay their share.

Elizabeth M. Gerber
Kansas City



i am going to limit my words about this letter from elizabeth gerber just reading the head line and stop there i said to myself that this is going to be really dumb so i read on and i was right. she really reveals alot about herself from this. for one i cant tell that she attents any church service maybe her living room service in front of a tv listening to other people who dont believe and just wont you to send in money to help there cause. so after so many years now the churches should be taxed because of a bad economy so i guess going after all the big time GOP's democrats and everyone in government that dont file or pay there taxes until they run for a higher office and then there names are pulled out i guess thats not an option for elizabeth

Mark Robertson

Archbishop Naumann is actually trying to save the soul of Sebelius, as well as not give mixed signals to all Catholics. He is following Canon Law.(Canon 915)
Do you realize that abortion is the murder of a child? I know, don't tell me, you don't believe that. Speaking of transparent.
"Anti choice" is actually pro-life, pro-choice is actually pro-abortion.(death)
What is that leftist saying about the first thing you have to do is change the language? Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


It's nice to see the "anti-choice" Archbishop Naumann has spared himself a few minutes from defending the Catholic church against all the various clergy sex abuse cases and that he's saved a few critical words for the "embarrassing" behavior of Gov Sebelius.

Clergy sex abuse is all the parents' fault anyway for leaving their children vulnerable. The priest is the real victim here!! When will the preacher's suffering end?

These religionists are so transparent.

Mark Robertson

Has E. Gerber been talking to VP Biden? He says paying more in taxes is patriotic.
And of course paying taxes is like giving to charity. Right. What a joke of a letter.
It is so obvious that her letter has nothing to do with any budget problems. It is obviously an expression of her hatred of religion. In fact, I would bet she is just another angry ex or nonpracticing "Catholic" upset at Archbishop Naumann for properly doing his job in dealing with the pro-abortion Sebelius.
She also obviously has a hatred of any higher power telling her the definition of right and wrong. These leftists are so transparent, Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


Maybe we could go to a race and gender based progressive tax system.


So you are not for fairness. Define rich?
How many poor people provide jobs to others?
Define poor?
So you think we should pay MORE in taxation because we EARN more? Sounds like entitlement thinking and envy.
We are not rich however we pay more than our fair share of taxes compared to many.
The single mom that rents an apartment down the street and has 4 kids in oour public school district, you think she is paying her fair share? Not so.


It is amazing to me that in the depths of a recession people advocate increasing the tax burden on wealth producers?!? Now Churches do no provide wealth, but now we are to tax them because the economy is down? What's next to tax, the mind boggles!


The Fair Tax makes the poor even poorer and the rich even richer. Since I am poor, I say no Fair Tax. You must be rich.


A more reasonable and constitutional approach would be to stop attaching taxation as a basis to pay for budegt over runs. I would be a proponent of doing completely away with tax ememption status period, including government of whom is tax exempt, provided we go to a flat tax system so everyone pays their fair share, fair being defined as equal. So whether you make $10,000 or $10,000,000 you pay the same percentage of your income in taxation. Fair is not giving a group that does even pay income tax more untaxable income taken from other tax payers. As for the sub-prime market, 90% of mortgages are being paid as agreed and prior to this fiasco the market did not experience 100% payment utilization either, there were still foreclosures, bankrupcties and unemployed.

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