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March 29, 2009

United we’ll stand

Listen. Or better, look. Look 70 years behind us. See what kind of people propelled America.

Manufacturing and industry erupted and withstood global crises. It was impelled by moneyed innovators who could combine natural resources with amazing technology, if  they remained unquestioned in a free market.

Pulled into this cool synthesis by necessities, we Americans provided heat-pressurizing boilers and escaping smokestacks of these enterprises. Sweat, yeah. Blood and tears, sure. But commonality grew across fences and through walls erected around America. So did pride. And, when taken and defended, pay and benefits that assured mortgagers, grocers, doctors, growers and builders, who also professed for us.

Oh! That’s what I’m getting at. As we write our chapter, careful what we ask of others. We’re a mixture. We interrelate. Knock our united front, and it will fall. I don’t know where, except down.

I’d rather stay up and together than down and … somewhere.

John D. Colle
Blue Springs



To Whispering,
I misread your sarcasm the first time thru. Actually, of course, "United We Stand" was the editor's title. The UAW mantra really is an " INCLUSIVE WE"


To Whispering,
Friedman is, by philosophy, complicit in every economic disaster for working Americans in the 20th century. It's because he has wavering influence that we made it to the 21st..


Gee, you really are " no nice guy". Don't know about "more". But I'll bet whatever you do to live, you've somehow pocketed bucks from UAW payroll and probably have realized benefits of collective bargaining. You're just to blinded by jealousy to realize or admit it. Oh, and autoworkers are some of the most individual of people and are painfully aware that not all necessities can be of US origin, but we try to find the ones that are. And don't worry about funding our paychecks;those are a pre-negotiated detail inked every 4 years. U remind me of the sports fan who thinks he pays an athlete's wages because he buys a ticket.

Rob Quinn

"Get outa my way!! Everyone for themselves" - your sarcasm is amusing, because you seem to advocate the opposite: "Get in my way!! Nobody has a right to exist for their own sake"

I disagree with that idea: I believe people DO have a right to exist for their own sake and that the point of life is NOT to suffer and sacrifice as much as possible.


United we’ll stand?

Not hardly. This is the 21st century and Milton Friedman/Ayn Rand rules.

Get outa my way!! Everyone for themselves!!


We only stand united so long as unions have their way and you ate left with no freedon of choice. Government knows best.
If Obama would pass legislation forbidding any UAW member to own or posses ANY product not union made, I might be okay with us fnding another rond of their paychecks.
Nothing worse than a thug hypocrite like UAW members or other organized union whiners.

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