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March 22, 2009

Views on Obama

Nation needs ‘savior’
I wonder if those who berate President Obama and his supporters now by calling him “the new savior” are any kin to those who mocked and derided the original Christian on a fateful day millennia ago with cries of, “Ha, ha! So you were going to destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days! Save yourself now by coming down from that cross!”

Well, the temple is certainly in need of rebuilding today. And, if Obama is being asked to be a savior, we all know what (and whom) we need to have him save us from — the failed policies of war, torture, wiretapping and corruption of the last administration.

We have all been placed on that cross of sin and deceit. Now, the question is, can we and Obama reject these policies and save, if not ourselves, our country and our culture?

Bill O’Neill
Overland Park

What is Obama doing?
I agree with Larry Rotert (3/15 Letters) that my 401(k) tanked before President Obama took office. I don’t know about Larry, but my 401(k) tanked when the Democrats gained control of Congress in 2007 and continued even more with the election of Obama as president.

My question to Obama supporters: What is the something he has done to get us back on track? Please be specific.

Randy Kundinger



Dear GCYL, temple is a metaphor. You seem to have taken its use much too literally. But, I guess if you are against war, torture, wiretapping everyone, and the rampant corruption exhibited by the last administration, then you must be the epitome of a commie, pinko, socialist "collective". Lord knows, no true conservative would want to rid our government and country of these policies. Actually, I would hope that liberals and conservatives alike, as well as Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianists, and nonbelievers could all agree that these policies, in the long run will lead to the decline and fall of our nation and culture. History provides innumerable examples of where such policies lead from colonialism, , imperialism, fascism, communism, etc. We can find these same policies and see their result from the beginning of recorded history. As a democracy we are faced with either insisting that those who govern in our name turn away from these policies or watching as our country and culture experiences the inevitable decline and fall that will come to pass because we could not forbear their use.


I haven't heard Hannity say anything in a serious manner abut an armed revolution if that is what we are talking about. If you have a quote or a link I'll give you my opinion.



Just curious: what do you think of Hannity's question to his fans about what kind of revolution they prefer? Is that the kind of talk a leader of the Conservative media should be engaging in?


"He's the guy that you dems said couldn't tie his shoe without help, but somehow masterminded blowing up the twin towers. He's a frickin genius!"

Generalize much? Just when did I say either of those two things, or anything remotely like them. Bush was a colossal failure on many levels, but that was because he was wrong, not because he was dumb or an evil mastermind. I know that kind of thing is just too hard for your small, partisan mind to grasp. But if you insist on lying about my positions, at least make it something remotely like something I'd say. Otherwise, it's no fun.


Jim, in my second post I “abandoned” calling it a loyalty pledge: “groups of supporters will be going from door to door to get people to pledge their support for the President’s policies – some of which aren’t even detailed yet.”

I realize this demonstrates a dreadful lack of seriousness that wouldn’t be tolerated by the OFA squad, so I won’t be signing the pledge . . . for myself.


This does deem to be an unusually large and organized effort. A big push to herd people, no effort to explain just what it is into which they are being herded. I really can't think of any similar and equal effort.

mike d

I take things too seriously? Right now my post count is 3 (one post twice) to your 12. If the guy is as great as you seem to think, why do you feel the need to constantly defend him? And don't tell me it's because of all of the evil conspiracy theorist's out there, because no one will ever top the left's conspiracy mill that churned out the BS about GW. Remember him? He's the guy that you dems said couldn't tie his shoe without help, but somehow masterminded blowing up the twin towers. He's a frickin genius!



Organizations and politicians use routinely "support pledge" language in mailers, petitions and fundraising letters. Usually it's in opposition to something, but rarely is a detailed plan of anything presented. Since you've never mentioned this as something that troubles you before, I'm assuming the fact that Obama is involved is what troubles you.

If that's the case, there's a simple remedy: don't sign up.


It would seem that Obama, or whoever thought up this 'support pledge" business, believes we are a nation of sheep and wants to exploit that fact. From the way the pledge is worded they are asking for unqualified support of undefined plans. This does not seem to be something that a thinking person would care to do.



So you're seemlessly moving over to "pledge support for policies?"

You're the one who kicked off this whole "loyalty pledge" meme, are you abandoning it so soon?

"And in order to register your answer, coming soon to your doorstep . . . the Obama loyalty pledge patrol."


I decided to Google "Obama loyalty pledge" to see where this particular lie came from. The links all go to American Thinker (!) magazine, but the first result on Google is a message board on Sean Hannity's site. What a surprise.

Hannity's a real class act. He asked his fans which type of revolution they liked the most, military coup, armed rebellion or war for secession. Once his borderline treasonous talk was picked up by other websites, they scrubbed their site of it.

When people come on here and promulgate lies like the "loyalty pledge," consider the company they keep.



Oooooh! Looking at the form again, I see there’s a for signing up your least best friend to receive text messages from OFA.

Jim, as one of the legion, why do you suppose people would pledge to support to undefined policies?


"Jim, being obnoxious and blind must be a brutal combination"

Is that more of your charming attempt to "elevate" the discussion?

To anyone else who is interested, there is no "loyalty pledge" at any of the links posted.

We started this discussion with two people acting disturbed by the apparent effort to send out thousands of mindless clones to collect personal data from Americans and get them to sign a "loyalty pledge" to Obama.

Now we find out that it's just another door-to-door grassroots organizing effort common to political interest groups.

If I'm wrong, Roger, there's a simple way to prove it: show us the "loyalty pledge".

Roger Lambert

Jim, being obnoxious and blind must be a brutal combination.

To anyone else who is interested, I linked the loyalty pledge sheet, from BHO's own website, a few posts down.


Fascinating, Roger. Really.

Where's that "loyalty pledge" that you thought was _exceedingly_ strange?


Jim, you got me. Congratutlations. It took some fancy detective work on your part, but you caught me making snarky remarks about the President’s OFA squad.

And in the interest of full disclosure, there is no “Church of Our Lady of the Perpetual Campaign” and yes, I did try to register you to be an OFA volunteer - but it seems you’re already on the list.

Roger Lambert

Here's the form you're supposed to sign to pledge your support. It's from Obama's own website.




Make up your mind. Is this a "loyalty pledge" to Obama that has you shuddering at the thought of what happens to those who don't participate, or is it a cynical campaign ploy?

It seems like you'd have better things to criticize him for than this. Hell, even I've criticized him for better than this, and I voted for the guy.


That's it?

So, you don't have anything that actually is a "loyalty pledge?" Suddenly, grass-roots organizing is akin to a "loyalty pledge" to Obama?

I return to my original comment: paranoia, plain and simple (with a little dishonesty thrown in to whip up even more paranoia, of course).


Cassady, Here’s a link to Obama discussing the foundation of “Organizing for America” (or as I like to think of it, Our Lady of the Perpetual Campaign). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfGNgacysHg&feature=channel

Jim, of course organizing for political change is fine. But they’re asking people to support education and health care policies which have yet to be defined and economic policies that the administration can’t even define yet, and a stimulus bill that has already been signed eliminating the need for a door-to-door campaign.

The Obama logo on all the materials gives away the purpose - the policies don’t need a door-to-door campaign, Obama does.

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