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March 26, 2009

Weighty insult

So Laura Ingraham thinks Meghan McCain is too “plus-sized” to have an opinion? (3/24, Opinion, “Ingraham insult to Meghan McCain mean, intellectually lightweight”)

I have just two words for you, Laura: Rush Limbaugh.

Shirley Lewis
Overland Park



If you say so. Personally I am counting on Obama for 2012.



Steele is the supposed leader of the party. Saying he's not too important is a pretty good indicator of your party's predicament. Howard Dean had a smart 50-state strategy that paid off, with his party winning in formerly red states all over the country. How you can equate the two is beyond me.

What is Steele doing that will garner the kind of success to the GOP in 2010 or 2012 that Dean helped bring to the Dems in 2006 and 2008? So far, he seems to be focused on getting in front of as many TV cameras as possible. Oh, and angering as many fellow Republicans as possible (then apologizing).


Miss McCain appears normally proportioned, to me.

I don't understand the insult. I understand the insult even less coming from a stick figure like Laura Ingraham.


And almost every time Joe opens his mouth there is something either to chuckle at or to say OH NO to. In any event Steele's position can't be too important. The Demos had Howard and still won. !



Nice try, but Steele is the gift that keeps on giving. First he says Limbaugh's schtick is "ugly and divisive" then grovels when Limbaugh yanks his leash.

Then he says that he's basically pro-choice. Woops! Can't have that in the GOP!

Then he says flip-flops on gay rights.

Now he says all those gaffes were a deliberate part of his super-secret strategic plan to see who will oppose him when me messes up.

How long will your party keep him around? I hope he'll be around for a while. He's a lot of fun.


"Aren’t there enough real problems that the Dem’s SHOULD be dealing with to not waste time creating this diversion?"

This didn't make any sense to begin with, but now Steele gave away your game on this stupid talking point by admitting that he started this "diversion" in order to carry out his brilliant plan. Take your complaints to him.

Smarter Than You

Hallelujah! Rush Limbaugh’s name got in the letters section again.

Aren’t there enough real problems that the Dem’s SHOULD be dealing with to not waste time creating this diversion? Then again, diversion is what currently passes for leadership in our Capitol. Carry on.


Duncy Pelosi and Bbbbbbarney FFFFrank are two class act entertainers as well.


On the other hand, there is Joe Biden to watch. But he isn't as funny as he would be if he weren't "a heartbeat" away from being the President.


Repubican or Democrap they are a bunch of a$$clowns. Limbaugh has some good points but he is an arrogant dolt much of the time. Same goes for Obama and Biden.


These Republican feuds are fun to watch. I have to say, the most entertaining Republican in my book right now is Michael Steele. The man steps on a rake every time he gets anywhere near a TV camera.

Just when the GOP was starting to all get on the same page with its bogus "the Dems caused the Steele/Limbaugh feud" talking points, Steele drops the ball by admitting he started the spat as part of a super-secret strategy on his part. There was a purpose, apparently, behind it all.

It's Michael Steele's world. We just live in it.


Right or wrong, everyone knows politics is a bloodsport. That's nothing new, but if you're going to throw yourself into the middle of it, you better be willing to take the heat. Like Marchtnts said, its all about publicity anyway.


And Jim, one of the 'smartest men in the room" checks in....thanks for you usual snotty comment Jim, you are truly true to your form, I will give you that.



The "..." posts are my way of fooling this mediocre blog system into showing my post. Often, and even after refreshing the page, the system doesn't show my latest post without it.


and some of them live in big white houses.......

Roger Lambert

It's never smart to call a woman fat.

Marctnts, what does the "..." post mean? I've seen you do that before.


BuddyT is now criticizing people because of their prejudices. That's rich.

They walk among us, folks.


The majority of Laura's criticism was based upon the text of McCain's rant. The plus sized remark was directed McCains snide comments about the thiness of Ann Coulter.

The offense you take Ms. Lewis appears to me to be colored by your own prejudices.


Speaking of fatA$$es whatever happened to that worthless lesbo Rosie O'Donnell?




It's manufactured outrage, which is serving all parties well. McCain's daughter made her initial "Coulter" comments because she wanted the attention, not because she was trying to avoid it. Ingraham called her fat because she wanted a sound-bite that would garner her attention. The subsequent "feud" has kept both in the public eye for a few minutes.

And yeah, it's bad form to go to someone's physical appearance when you're debating politics, so I'd guess Meghan will come out looking better than Ingraham, but as they say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity".

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