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March 01, 2009

Who’s irresponsible?

President Obama has called for Americans to stay within their means and be fiscally responsible. Most Americans are! Obama should first get his federal government in order. It is, and has been, the most incompetent and fiscally irresponsible organization in this country.

They have not stayed within their means. Over the past 35 years they have wastefully spent, spent and spent, even when they didn’t have the money. Because of this incompetence, they have saddled American taxpayers with a $10 trillion national debt.

Now, with President Obama, it is even more spend, spend, spend — billions more every day. At some point the United States will have to be accountable for this unbelievable debt.

The bailout billions being spent are only helping the irresponsible. Maybe the hardworking taxpayers will finally get tired of this fiscal incompetence with taxpayer money and take action.

Jim Campbell



If Obama keeps on the way he has started, John and Jane should be able to get the job sone in 2012. Doe, that is.

Pub 17

What'd'ya think, Rouge? Palin-Jindal, or Piyush-Sarah? Think about this, the Original Mavericks are waiting in the car for you.


Yep,don't work hard,screw off, buy above your means, President Santa Yoamma gonna bail you out!

Pub 17

It sounds like the grownups in a Peanuts TV show.


Yeah, what Solomon said.


whah whah whah whah whah

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