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March 28, 2009

Why we elected Obama

Forgetting eight years of our past president? How can those 96 months, almost 3,000 days, be forgotten so soon?

There are a lot of words leftover to eat from pre-election wisdom. Those with the least help continue to be self-appointed wise men with yet even more words to eat.

Look closely at President Barack Obama. Remember why we elected him. He has surrounded himself with people who know far more than most all of us combined. Reality is as it is now. Conditions then and now make none of us qualified except him.

What all the rest of us need to do is to show patience and support. I repeat: Remember why we elected him. We were right.

Marilyn Frenzel
Overland Park



Yes we can!


I think Marilyn found the Messiah's lost stash of crack.

Smarter Than You

There seems to be a strange dearth of the sycophants who boldly brag about our savior-in-chief. Does reality really scare our liberal friends that much?


“Look closely at President Barack Obama. Remember why we elected him.”

The Politico is reporting that GM’s CEO is resigning at Obama’s behest. And Monday, the President will reveal his plans to make the auto industry successful.

So I guess Obama was elected to give us this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAqPMJFaEdY


Do you really agree with the letter? WHAtever is being sone must be OK because these supermen are doing it?


What about my post indicated a "closed mind"? Shouldn't one think about the actions that are being taken? An open mind is one thing, unthinking adherence is another.

Mark Robertson

Oh, you mean smart people like Hillary, Joe Biden, and tax cheat Tim Geitner? Breathtaking intelligence. I'd rather have a C student from Eureka College(Ronald Reagan) than all or any of these Ivy League know-it-alls. What a predictable and predicted disaster and danger the Obamo Adm. is.
Are you talking about the 57% of Obama voters who didn't know what party controls congress?(Zogby)And this doesn't include the ones who just guessed right on the 2 option multiple choice question.
President Bush and VP Cheney were one of the great foreign policy teams in our history. President Bush ordering preemption against terrorism likely stopped WW III in its tracks. Generations will be thankful. If only Bush and Chreney could be there to finish the job.Thankyou.

Mark Robertson

Smarter Than You

“Remember WHY we elected him?”

President Obama won by getting more of the swing voters than John McCain. So why did this group break for Obama?

Could it have been the 5 to 1 spending advantage in swing states (by ignoring his pledge to accept public financing)? Could it be that this 5 to 1 media advantage was used to run against GB II and not McCain (was there ever an ad that didn’t say Bush-McCain)? Could it be that the bank crisis broke at the right time (he was behind in the national polls until then)? Could it have been that people wanted legitimate change (not tax scofflaws, similar policies with prettier names or a leader who is lost without his teleprompter)?

The problem for our friends on the left is the American public at large DOES REMEMBER why this guy won. And he seems lacking because of it.


“He has surrounded himself with people who know far more than most all of us combined.”

“Conditions then and now make none of us qualified except him.”

Eh. I prefer the original lyrics... “there is none beside thee, perfect in power…”


So far he has done nothng but write hot checks and cater to lobbyisst.


Is it 2012 yet? Have we reached 10% unemployment yet? Are we $3.6 TRILLION in debt yet? Have we closed GITMO yet? Are the troops out of Iraq yet? etc. etc. etc.

T. Hanson

Love how Engineer said he would keep an open mind about this president...


Yep, he thinks $400 is the difference between poverty and middle class.
He was put in place to bring socialism onboard even deeper.
All he has done is write check that he can't cash, if you or I did that we would have a warrant placed for our arrest. Same goes for Bush, he wrote checks he couldn't cash either. As for those around him being "smarter", that is relative. What is smarter? Nancy Pelosi? Barney Frank? Timmy Boy that can not even use Turbo Tax correctly? Sure thing, smart. Just because you go to an Ivy League school does not make you smart.


The criticism coming from two right-wing Bush apologists like Engineer and BuddyT does nothing but validate the letter.


OMG, are you kidding me, this letter is for real??


God Save Us.....


Marilyn's got it. Just like the rats, then the kids, followed the piper out of Hamelin, we should follow Obama. The thinking, if you can call it that, behind this letter makes me fear for my Country.

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